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  1. I absolutely love that. Sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend ;)
  2. peedude


    Who IS she?? Really sexy pics!
  3. peedude

    Three Naughty Pee Hotties

    I enjoyed the naughty and revenge aspects. Nice work, Brutus!
  4. I'd love to help out. Peeing in naughty places gets me really excited. I'd hope to see you 'go' too.
  5. peedude

    Long time lurker

    Welcome, Chelsea! Hope you enjoy the community here.
  6. I also absolutely love naughty peeing. I definitely understand the moral dilemma also, as I do sometimes feel guilty after peeing somewhere I shouldn't. I notice more as I get older, these thoughts creep in before I pee somewhere naughty, but that makes it more arousing to me, so I wouldn't say that it prevents me from going. I couldn't agree more that that attitude of "fuck it, I'll just pee here" is one of the hottest parts of seeing a woman pee somewhere naughty, or even a parking lot or sidewalk, as was said before. I don't believe I'll ever give this up, and I'll always be instantly aroused seeing a woman do it. I especially love when women are absolutely desperate and piss a lot wherever they choose to.
  7. peedude

    b2939's Picture Collection

    She's gorgeous! Anyone know who she is?
  8. peedude

    The new girl lol

    Welcome! Naughty peeing is the best part of the fetish (in my opinion, at least)
  9. peedude

    Neighbors Part 1

    Well written and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to future installments!
  10. peedude

    Olivia the Desperate Electrician

    I definitely enjoyed it, I appreciated the differences (age, medication) you incorporated. Looking forward to more!
  11. I'll jet leave this here... Bill Clinton used an intern as a cigar holder.... Hillary is still married to him. Morality much?
  12. peedude

    My pee pee

    I love the pee in the glass! Such a turn on.
  13. That's a terrible day! Sorry to hear you're going through all that, Pete. Sending some good thoughts your way.
  14. Sorry to hear you're going through that, Pete. It's pretty brutal to go through. That said, you'll make it, but maybe not unscathed. Just know that there's life on the other side once you get there.
  15. peedude

    The Librarian - FICTION

    Well written story. Hopefully, there's a few more chapters to come!