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  1. I had a job like that, except I'd piss in the parking lot every night before leaving. Kind of the same thing, by the time I got to my car, I'd be dying to piss
  2. I've given them, and it's an amazing feeling. One gf used to always piss on my leg in the shower, so I've received that way, too
  3. I recently realized this has always been a thing for me. When I lived in an apartment community, I would commonly hold it until taking the trash out, and piss against the dumpster or the brick enclosure. Also, when traveling, I prefer to use the trash enclosure behind a gas station rather than the indoor facilities. Even at home, I almost alway spiss on or near the garbage cans when taking garbage out. Am I the only one?
  4. I use my back yard semi regularly, probably a few time a week. It's always really freeing 🙂
  5. @havelock excellent stories. I have always had a thing for pretty/posh girls who pee on nice things. It stemmed from a college girlfriend who was petite, pretty and stylish, and would always seem to seek out the nicest lawn, the prettiest flower garden, or other generally "nice" places to piss when we were on a night out. Needless to say, I couldn't get enough of watching her strong stream coming out of her cleanly shaved pussy, flowing into some manicured lawn, landscaping features, or wherever else she chose to spray it. I'm certainly looking forward to more of your stories here!
  6. I'd love to see scenario #2 play out again, as that's one of my favorites, too. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Do you happen to know this model's name?
  8. Naughty pees are my favorite kind, especially when they're the desperate ones. Your idea sounds really fun, jinx
  9. This is a really interesting topic to me, because like some of you, my tastes within the fetish definitely evolved as I was exposed to more. Organically, I have always loved outdoor and naughty peeing. In the beginning, I would look for pics and video, but I would only really pee outdoors when I could. Eventually, I found myself peeing a full bladder onto a hotel carpet. I also initially wasn't really into golden showers, but over time, and after reading some really intriguing stories, my interest grew to the point that I have given several, which is a thing I never thought I'd enjoy.
  10. That's part of why I like it, there's definitely some choices and strategy depending on what you want for an outcome
  11. It totally is. Either you get to have a nice long naughty pee, or witness one, followed by a hot golden shower. Multiple rounds are definitely encouraged
  12. An excellent strategy indeed. Not really a way to lose this one
  13. So I finally decided to share this. I've had this idea for a long time, although I've never had a chance to try. It starts with getting a hotel with a lady. Rules as follows: Toilet is off limits We both have the same amount to drink (doesn't have to be alcohol) The first one to pee 'loses' the game The 'loser' receives a shower from the winner
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