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  1. That's part of why I like it, there's definitely some choices and strategy depending on what you want for an outcome
  2. It totally is. Either you get to have a nice long naughty pee, or witness one, followed by a hot golden shower. Multiple rounds are definitely encouraged
  3. An excellent strategy indeed. Not really a way to lose this one
  4. So I finally decided to share this. I've had this idea for a long time, although I've never had a chance to try. It starts with getting a hotel with a lady. Rules as follows: Toilet is off limits We both have the same amount to drink (doesn't have to be alcohol) The first one to pee 'loses' the game The 'loser' receives a shower from the winner
  5. I'm always open to new friends, too. In Colorado, and I won't mention my age 😆
  6. I'd love to rinse your car off for you, provided you do the same for mine 😉
  7. Nailed it! That would be a fun one for sure
  8. One of mine lately has been to be getting a blowjob and while she's on her knees, she can't hold it. Rather than taking a break, she just pisses right onto the carpet, down her legs, whatever happens, and keeps sucking. I don't think I'd last very long at all in that scenario
  9. For me, I always piss on the side of the road next to the car, in parking lots, bushes, grass. Wherever is convenient and relatively well hidden. It's one of my favorite parts of a road trip
  10. I just got home from a really nice parking lot piss I was just leaving the gym, where I drank copious amounts of water and by the time I got to my car, I thought I should have peed before leaving. I didn't really want to walk back in, and no one really seemed to be around/paying attention, so I stood partially in front of my car, slipped my cock just barely out the leg of my shorts and let go a long, satisfying piss onto the grass in front of the car, pretending to be looking at something on the hood. I don't think anyone noticed and it felt amazing
  11. I've peed off the side of my porch at night, I'd welcome any ladies who cared to spray down the concrete 😉
  12. I've pissed on towels before, too. A pile in the laundry basket will usually do, although they do get pretty well soaked. Recently, I had a towel around my waist after a shower and kind of needed to piss, not a full piss by any means, so I just pissed against the towel. It held up really well and not a drop hit the floor. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I plan to try it again, the problem being that I ALWAYS piss in the shower, so I never have much left afterward
  13. Very well said. I have very similar attitudes about where I pee. Anywhere that doesn't require cleanup is a favorite of mine as well
  14. I agree, it's not an every time thing f0r me, either. It's definitely fun, and I enjoy when I have a partner who is interested, but also, too much of a good thing can definitely spoil it
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