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    Retired but still farming
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    Horny pee and poo fan but in the background (shy with females)

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    Real amateur public pee...girls only.
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    Peefans so far. The farm is too isolated. Dreams of getting to beaches.

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  1. sven22

    Feelings on Circumcision

    I was uncircumcised and went to 2 schools in NZ and 1 in Australia where I seemed to be the only one plus another in Aus. where there was one other guy uncircumcised. To round it off I should have been cut because the hole in the end of my foreskin closed up to smaller than the hole in the end of my dick! I was about 4 then. Mother was too embarrassed to do anything about it. I didn't get it cut until I was a lot older. For me the cut life is seriously better.
  2. sven22

    I have great news :-)

    Yeah, he's funny. Laugh thru life.
  3. sven22

    Black Girls

    I really like Ana Foxxx, slender and cute plus the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen! Did you notice her pussy matches her tongue???
  4. sven22

    Pee porn on deep web?

    Yeah, makes me twitch to even think of it.
  5. sven22

    Best Free Video Site? (2017)

    Yes! The range you guys have talked about that I never knew is amazing!
  6. sven22

    Smaller Pee Forums?

    omorashi.org It's very limited compared to WGP
  7. sven22

    Eroshare is shutting down!

    Use the right click and 'save video as' Works for me and you are right, download helper cant show the one I want either.
  8. sven22

    YouTube pee archive

    I didn't use it, even free version because it tried to download some software. Bullguard, my internet security mob gives me the option and if I don't know it, I don't do it...TOO risky.
  9. sven22

    Experience Project is closing down.

    I am a little bit sad, because EP was where I found out there were others who shared my love of pee. I was searching on Google one day, I don't know what I was searching for, but one of the first page results was from a woman who said she liked to pee in her diapers. I thought WHA? WOW! and clicked on it. The rest is history. Wheeze, groan. When EP started tightening up I lost interest, plenty more fish...
  10. sven22

    Peeing From a Boat

    Added flavour.
  11. sven22

    Peeing From a Boat

    I LOVE damp panties!
  12. sven22

    Piss Proud

    Jealousjealousjealousenvuenvyenvy...cover me instead.