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  1. I have noticed them a lot when I go skiing in the Alps, particularly in France. A lot of the mountain restaurants and bars can be short on space so sometimes the toilets are unisex. One particularly memorable one, you had to go down a set of stairs (not easy when wearing ski boots!), this took you into the toilet area. In view of the stairs were the urinals with the cubicles further round, so anyone coming down the stairs to use the cubicles had a great view of the urinals all the way down, and then had to squeeze past whoever was using them to get to the cubicles! Sometimes I think eithe
  2. I'm not sure, sorry. I don't have an account there either.
  3. This might be her? She's got a few things on her twitter channel, not much though. Looks like she has an onlyfans page as well https://onlyfans.com/iamyetti
  4. I'm a guy, sorry mate. Just realised I didn't have it on my profile. Like the way you think though, hope you have many more wet pub sessions!
  5. Hello, UK based as well. Nice to see some other folk from the Uk here also, although I think there's a fairly big contingent! I like much of the same stuff, and sometimes manage to sneak some naughty pees in at home when I can, in the garden and so on. Although I'm back living with my parents while coronavirus goes on, can't wait until I can finally get my own place! Perhaps this would be a good time to start off with some small naughty pees, everyone has to keep at least 2m away. Perhaps a sneaky pee in the park under a skirt etc might be a good place to start? Look forward to hopef
  6. Looks like thats not the only thing Zoe Ball keeps in her car to pee in: One would hope she made full use of the Evian bottle!
  7. Same here, even though the toilets were just down the corridor. I'd still usually just pee in the sink. So much more handier! Haha. it was always spur of the moment planning. Usually if I knew we were leaving soon then I'd avoid going to the toilet so I would have to go on my way home.
  8. I've gone a few times in the water through my swim shorts. Never been bold enough to just do it on the beach. But most times I've been to beach its been with family, so don't really want them knowing about it! I've also gone in the sand dunes a few times, finding what I thought was a quiet spot once. Only to then have a family come over the top of the sand dune just as I had finished up!
  9. There was a park that I would sometimes pee in at nighttime when I was at uni. Usually on the way back from the pub. If I needed to pee when I left I would make sure this park was on my route home! A couple of times I even wet myself whilst walking through the park. especially if I was wearing black or dark jeans where it wouldn't be as noticeable. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere I can do that now.
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