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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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  1. I recommend naughty peeing on public restroom floors. Just go into a one person public bathroom stall and then deliberately pee on the floor, and after coming out if the next person who goes in there asks about your pee say the person before you did it. I love leaving pee puddles in public bathrooms. If you're into more naughty than that pee in a fitting room carpet, hotel carpet, elevator, bus, or bar floor. Have fun! and please share which of these you tried.
  2. That's awesome. I'm happy you had fun being naughty. Thank you for sharing. I encourage you to keep doing that. I like doing naughty peeing while at the pool too. I pee in the pool almost every time I swim. I love getting out of the pool and my swimsuit is wet so if I pee in it people won't notice. Last summer at an outdoor pool after peeing in the pool I peed on those lap dividers while they were rolled up. I sometimes go into the pool bathroom and wet my swimsuit standing next to the urinal, and watch it go on the floor. I have also had fun peeing on lawn chairs by the pool. I hope to have g
  3. Very hot story. I love it. Back when I was in college I did pretty much the same thing in a one person library bathroom. I love doing naughty stuff like this. I also like pissing on public bathroom floors and then with an extra layer of naughtiness leaving a puddle there for someone else to clean, and then masturbating when I get home thinking of the person cleaning my puddle.
  4. Very nice Sophie. I pee in my kitchen sink too, I did that a few days ago last. I also pee in my bathroom sink.
  5. A few of the times peeing on the bus it was a little trickle. The time I peed into the cushy bus seat it was a long steady stream into the cushion. Two of the times peeing on the bus floor it was a long hard steady stream. So Much Fun!
  6. I'm so horny after a naughty pee I masturbate or have sex as soon as I have the opportunity too. Naughty peeing makes me horny more than anything else; and the naughtier the place I peed the hornier it makes me. After I have left a puddle on a public restroom floor I masturbate as soon as I get home. When staying at hotels I've spent the entire time masturbating after peeing on things. I live alone and love naughty peeing in my apartment.
  7. Please tell me how it goes after you pee on a bus.
  8. Yes I had a lot of fun doing that. The time someone sat in the seat I peed entirely into it, no one would of known unless they sat in that seat which someone did. The other five plus times I peed on the bus it did look like that video with me leaning over the front of the seat from the very back row and then peeing my full bladder onto the floor of the bus in front of me leaving lots of pee behind. So Much Fun!!! One of the times I even took B vitamin pills hours before hand to let out lots of bright yellow pee on the bus floor! HEHEHE!!!
  9. The mood effects whether I want to naughty pee 100%. For me when I'm stressed naughty peeing is sometimes a stress reliever. I don't know where people on here are referring to as naughty. Peeing outside is fun, I don't consider that naughty myself. When I'm stressed I like to naughty pee by going into public restrooms and intentionally peeing on the floor, and leaving behind a puddle, that changes my mood from stressed and depressed to happy, excited and horny.
  10. Here's a fun naughty pee adventure from today! [MODERATOR'S ACTION - male pee images removed, not appropriate for this category. Please feel free to create a post in the Men Peeing topic instead]
  11. I live in the Mid-West in the USA at the moment. I've lived on the west coast in the past, and probably will again in the future.
  12. That's so awesome. I'm happy for you! I hope you and her have a wonderful marriage filled with pee fun!
  13. I've peed on the bus six times that I remember, probably more. Most times I was wearing a swimsuit and I just rolled up one of the swim suit legs a little so my dick was just barely covered and then peed onto the floor in front of me. One time I even did this while a women was sitting next to me who didn't notice. Two of the times I even filled my bladder before hand to make sure to let out a large pee on the bus. One of those times I was sitting on a cushy velvety seat and I put my back pack on the seat next to me so no one would notice, then I put my coat around me so there would be no
  14. I'm hoping to do some traveling, and am aware some countries no porn is legal, and do not want to go to any of those countries for long. I know in some countries vanilla porn is legal but naughty peeing porn is not. I can't really get off without someone who is willing to sleep with me or naughty peeing porn. I wonder if anyone knows of any resources regarding what forms of porn are legal, (or un-enforced), by country?
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