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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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  1. What do people think of my new profile photo of me peeing on a gas station bathroom floor?
  2. I peed on a gas station bathroom floor a few hours ago. I love doing that. Public bathroom floor pissing is the best!
  3. I love watching videos like this on YouTube: Telling us why we are not supposed to pee on the pool; while drinking lots of water and getting ready to go to the pool, just for the sake of peeing in it as much as possible, because for reasons like what this woman is saying, is why it is so naughty and fun to pee in the pool.
  4. Peeing in pools is so fun that I bought this plastic can holder that says I pee in pools that I pictured and made my profile photo. How do you people like it?
  5. I have only peed on a gas pump once a long time ago. I love peeing on gas station bathroom floors and leaving a giant puddle behind. It's so much fun to be naughty like that.
  6. People have told me pregnant women pee in fitting rooms and parking lots out of necessity because they can’t make it to the toilet in time; and if a pregnant woman doing naughty peeing caused the person who was in the womb at that time to be into naughty peeing than everyone would be into naughty peeing. I wonder though if I pregnant woman who regularly deliberately pees on public bathroom floors, hotel floors, couches, trains, alleyways, elevators, and other naughty places when they can easily make it to the toilet if deliberate naughty peeing when it would be just as easy to pee in the toile
  7. If I were a pregnant women I think it would be a lot of fun to do a lot of naughty peeing while pregnant hoping to pass the gene down. I look forward to hearing how things go.
  8. Thank you for sharing. I like that you're naughty. I have peed on many public bathroom floors. I haven't done it much at work. Mostly at parks, cafes, restaurants, bars, stores, and malls all on the bathroom floors. I always lock the door beforehand and then if someone asks about the pee when I walk out I lie it was there when I walked in.
  9. For getting away with public bathroom naughty peeing here's what I recommend: Go into a one-person public bathroom. Make absolutely the door is locked and only go in after the bathroom has been empty for a bit. Spray away all over the floor wall and seat as much as you want. Then when you walk out of there leave casually and if anyone asks about the pee lie that it was already there when you walked in.
  10. My pee is usually clear when I pee in the pool because I drink lots of water during and before getting into the pool to maximize how much pee I put into the pool. My record was one time I peed 14 times when in the pool. However, sometimes I also take lots of B vitamins to make my pee yellow when in the pool. I agree that letting visible yellow pee into the pool is more fun. For the same reason sometimes I eat multiple B vitamins when planning to pee on a public restroom floor in a few hours because I also find it more fun to leave a puddle of pee on the floor of a public restroom when it's yel
  11. Yes, you all have good points for why peesearch failed. Part of it was a moderator with attitude that she and others shamed a lot of the guys who were into naughty peeing. There was also a woman on peesearch who chatted with everyone in the chat and exchanged emails with lots of people there saying she pees everywhere and is always naughty and she emailed back and forth with me for over a year trying to get me to be as naughty as possible and she would only email never anything more no pictures she could have easily been a catfish. Then she sent an email invite to a club that invited over a hu
  12. I stand because I have a penis. I'm curious though what percentage of women do you people on here think hover over public toilets, pee on the seat, and then leave it there an average of more than once a week? More than half?
  13. Here's what I do and recomend for getting away with peeing in the movie theatre: For peeing in movie theatres here's what I recommend: For peeing in movie theaters I recommend wearing black spandex clothing, either black spandex leggings or a black spandex skirt. Black spandex looks the same wet as dry and dries fast. Don’t wear panties, that way the pee gets off you faster. Don’t take b vitamins or asparagus on that day so your pee doesn’t have much smell or color. Go to one of the last showings of a movie so the theatre is fairly empty. Bring a large black blanket. Before it starts buy a dri
  14. I drink extra water when going to and at a hotel to maximize how much pee I let out on the hotel carpet. Peeing on hotel carpets is So Much Fun!
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