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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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  1. I'll be peeing everywhere when I go to a water park next. I recommend peeing in the pool, wetting your bikini next to the pool on the floor, pee on the bathroom floor, pee in the locker room on the floor and benches, pee in the sun room, pee on lawn chairs, pee in the sauna, pee down slides, pee in your bikini while eating at the restaurant under the table, go into a stall take your bikini off and pee all over the toilet seat, wall, and floor, pee in bumper cars if they have them, wet your bikini peeing on the floor while your standing in line, pee in the showers, pee in the sink, pee on bench
  2. I can relate to how peeing can effect mental heath issues. For me sometimes when I'm really depressed and stressed naughty peeing can improve my mood and change me from depressed to horny. For instance if I'm somewhere out and about and feeling depressed sometimes I'll go into a public bathrooms at a store, elevator, or dressing room and then pee on the floor and the adrenaline rush from leaving a pee puddle somewhere improves my mood substantually and then I go home and materbate thinking of the pee puddle. Does anyone else find naughty peeing to have a therapeutic benefit like this?
  3. Welcome Sunitha, there are a lot of guys here who are into pee?
  4. I find this challenging as well. The problem is the pee fetish is still to rare and considered taboo to much. I want to have a girlfriend who is into naughty peeing. Not necessarily peeing on me although that sounds nice. I want a girlfriend who will pee together with me all over my apartment pools and hotel floors.
  5. I currently live in Utah USA, but have also lived in Nebraska USA, and was born in Seattle USA
  6. I'd love for you to join I'd love to rent a hotel room with you and piss trash it together. I want to do that again soon.
  7. Public bathroom floor. Make a huge puddle and leave it there.
  8. I also sometimes pee on the floor of public bathrooms on purpose when the bathroom is clean. I also sometimes do it in response to getting bad service. Other times I didn't even get bad service and I just am in the mood for being naughty.
  9. I'm not female bodied, but I totally agree with when there is pee already on the public toilet seat and or floor lets have fun adding to it. I've sprayed clean bathroom floors as well. It's funner though being naughty when I wasn't the first one that day who was.
  10. I'm curious about this. There are more men often times on pee sights than women. Women's bathrooms and fitting rooms are more likely to have pee left places where it isn't supposed to be. Are there more men than women on pee sights because a women looking on pee sights for a boyfriend can get one online much more easier than the other way around? In most work places I've worked it is more common for women to break rules than men. Is this because women can get away with more? Or does estrogen give people a desire to be naughty more than testosterone does? Same way with women's bathroo
  11. I took a fetish survey once and on it 68 percent of the people who have the pee fetish are male. My ex girlfriend said in bathrooms at parks gas station and stores out of paranoia of getting germs on her butt she always hovers over the toilet seat spray it and the seat and floor and leave it there. She wasn't even into pee she just didn't want to sit on the seat and didn't care about the hygiene of public bathrooms. I get sexually aroused by peeing on public bathroom floor and seats and I do that often but not as much as she does. I'm curious how often women are peeing on public bathroom
  12. I've heard that too of womens public bathrooms being grosser than mens. I'm curious then how come way more men are open about their love for naughty peeing online and on chat rooms than women? Are naughty men more open about it? Do you think women do more naughty peeing, and fitting room master bating because they can get away with more?
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