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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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  1. I agree with you. People peeing in the toilet takes away my horniness and makes my dick get smaller. It has to be people peeing where they’re not supposed to for me to get aroused. I also don’t like desperation videos, with those it feels like I don’t want to watch people suffer and if they pee naughty after being desperate it looks like they had to do that and aren’t being naughty for fun. People peeing in the wilderness doesn’t turn me on much either. Porn of adults peeing on the floor of public bathrooms, fitting rooms, elevators, hotel floors, work places, classrooms, libraries and other i
  2. The pool is a great chat room. What I find disappointing on the pool chat room is most people there are just into holding. I like this sight much more because of how popular naughty peeing is. I just love peeing on the floor, and wish for someone to join me doing that. I love the idea of having a lover who I’d eat out with regularly, soak the restaurant bathroom floor together, and then go home and have sex right after.
  3. About 95 percent of the porn I look at is naughty peeing. When I look at porn that isn't peeing it is usually people being sexual in naughty places like blow jobs in fitting rooms, sex in public bathrooms, fingering in malls, and sex in parks. Sex in naughty places also turns me on in porn. The vast majority of porn I look at is pee, and not just any form of pee, naughty peeing in particular.
  4. I prefer it if a hotel room already smells like pee. In the same way, peeing on the floor of public bathrooms is funner if there is already lots of pee on the floor.
  5. Thank you for this tip. I'm going to read hotel reviews in the future as well for comments complaining about smell. If there are a lot of those for a hotel there is probably a better chance I'll be able to piss all over the place in there and get away with it.
  6. I agree with you, peeing on hotel carpets is funner than peeing on hotel hardwood or tile floors. Before booking a hotel room I talk to the front desk and ask if the hotel rooms are carpeted or not. If they ask why I care I just tell them that the carpet is more comfortable on my feet.
  7. I've done hotel carpet peeing. I usually ask of the floor are wood or carpet before booking a room to makes sure the floors are carpeted. I've also peed on hotel walls, chairs, curtains, sofas, corners. I want to do more hotel bed wetting. One place I've only peed once is on the floor of a nightclub. I've talked to women who do that a lot, and I want to do that one more for sure.
  8. I like peeing on the carpet of posh hotels too. The dirty ones feel more liberating to pee all over for me personally. One of my favorite hotel pee experiences was peeing many times into a hotel couch cushion, holding the cushion up in the air, and watching it drip onto the carpet.
  9. When you're staying at a hotel do you prefer doing naughty peeing in there if the place is cheap, or expensive? Do you prefer peeing on scuzzy dirty hotel carpets; or do you prefer peeing on posh ones? What about the hotel couch, walls, and bed, do you prefer peeing naughty in them if the place is already dirty? Already smells like pee from a previous customer? Or is clean and nice. For me personally I prefer to stay at the cheapest seediest dirty run down sketchy hotels and then peeing everywhere in the room feels a little more natural to me. One of my favorite naughty hotel pee experie
  10. That would explain why so few people responded to me on there. Most of the women on there are probably fake, or inactive. It's probably because peeing cupid charges anyone just to be on there. They probably put out a lot of fake female profiles to get more men to pay to join with false hopes of finding lovers on there.
  11. Leaving the smell behind is pretty fun. I also love leaving pee puddles on the floor for people to find; it is pretty fun as well. Gives me a rush. Makes me horny as well.
  12. Swim instructors told me not to pee in the pool as a kid when taking lessons. I regret that for some of my childhood, I was a good kid and didn't pee in the pool. About from age 9 to 15 I didn't pee in the pool much. From 15 on though I peed in the pool every single time. Therefore to catch up on lost time I go to the pool to pee in it, drink lots of water beforehand, drink two full bottles of water while taking an hour water aerobics class and pee in the pool as much as possible. I also wet my swimsuit peeing onto the floor next to the pool, on the benches. When in the locker room I wet my sw
  13. I love sauna peeing. One time I peed a lot in the mens college sauna and made the entire room reek of pee. It was so fun, gave me a rush, and made me super horny.
  14. Yes, I like very much that you are very good at that. I've done some hotel bed peeing, but want to do more. I've mostly peed on hotel carpets many times, on hotel walls, curtains, and drawers. One time in a hotel I held my bladder before going in and then once in the room I got naked and then peed onto a couch cushion letting it out peeing for over a minute soaking the cushion, and then drank lots of water and juice and then peed at least four more times on the cushion and then held it up in the air and watched it drip on the carpet. After that, I spent hours peeing again and again on th
  15. That's all very hot, and naughty. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I really like how you are so good at describing where you pee and how. I also love naughty peeing in hotels. I sometimes pee in the bed. I also like it when I have to pee in the middle of the night and just lean over the side of the bed and pee on the carpet.
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