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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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    Naughty Peeing.
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    Peeing on the floor of public restrooms.

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  1. Here's a fun naughty pee adventure from today! [MODERATOR'S ACTION - male pee images removed, not appropriate for this category. Please feel free to create a post in the Men Peeing topic instead]
  2. I live in the Mid-West in the USA at the moment. I've lived on the west coast in the past, and probably will again in the future.
  3. That's so awesome. I'm happy for you! I hope you and her have a wonderful marriage filled with pee fun!
  4. I've peed on the bus six times that I remember, probably more. Most times I was wearing a swimsuit and I just rolled up one of the swim suit legs a little so my dick was just barely covered and then peed onto the floor in front of me. One time I even did this while a women was sitting next to me who didn't notice. Two of the times I even filled my bladder before hand to make sure to let out a large pee on the bus. One of those times I was sitting on a cushy velvety seat and I put my back pack on the seat next to me so no one would notice, then I put my coat around me so there would be no exposure while lovering my pants and underwear and then peed my full bladder into the cushy seat that took it all. After that I pulled my pants and underwear back on and moved to a different seat. A man sat in the seat I peed in he told his friends and they all laughed him laughing with them and they all thought it was the most hilarious thing that he sat in a peed in seat.
  5. I would love to do public restroom floor peeing with you!!!
  6. I'm hoping to do some traveling, and am aware some countries no porn is legal, and do not want to go to any of those countries for long. I know in some countries vanilla porn is legal but naughty peeing porn is not. I can't really get off without someone who is willing to sleep with me or naughty peeing porn. I wonder if anyone knows of any resources regarding what forms of porn are legal, (or un-enforced), by country?
  7. I paid an escort to pee all over a hotel room with me one time. I gave her an extra tip in exchange for her consenting to pee on the hotel floor every time she had to pee. Peeing at the same time as her on the hotel floor was hella fun! Make sure to tell her what pee stuff you want her to do before meeting up. Here are some tips:
  8. I love traveling and New Zealand is one of my favorite countries. I would enjoy meeting up and doing naughty peeing together.
  9. I would love to talk about naughty peeing with people on Skype and maybe even do it on there as well.
  10. 1. Public restrooms-On the floors, walls, stall doors, sinks, corners. 2. Fitting rooms-On the carpets, tile floors, mirrors, benches. 3. Elevators-On the floors, and walls. 4. Hotel Rooms-On the carpets, tile floors, bathroom floors, walls, beds, mirrors, and one time a table, and a couch (When I peed in a hotel couch I peed a whole lot on one couch cushion held it up in the air and watched it drip on the floor, Sooo Much Fun!) 5. In public swimming pools-every time I swim and on the floor next to the pool and in the pull sauna, (One time I peed a whole lot in a public pools sauna and it evaporated and made the room have an amazing smell!)
  11. I remember one time after my ex boyfriend dumped me I stayed a night at a hotel doing naughty peeing all afternoon and night in there and for part of it paid a sex worker to have fun with me for an hour. Having sex with her was alright but the funnest part was when we were both peeing on the hotel carpet at the same time which was exhilarating and I paid her an extra large tip to do that with me, and I respected her boundaries the entire time. I was wondering if there are people on this sight who would love it for people to pay them to be hotel floor peeing buddies? Paying someone who also gets fun or arousal from naughty peeing would be even funner. I talked to one sex worker asking what she would charge to spend time in a hotel together I asked her, "Are you willing to do pee stuff with me?" She replied , "What do you mean?" I explained, "I would like it if you would be down to both pee on the hotel floor with me?" She gave the best possible response which was, "Fuck Yah, I love peeing on hotel floors!, Fuck yah, I'm Totally down for that!" I'm willing to pay people to be fellow hotel floor peeing companions, which is funner than sex to me.
  12. One thing I like doing in those co ed one person bathrooms with a toilet and a urinal, which I think is especially hot when women do, is stand kind of close to the urinal so it looks like I'm trying to pee in it, while actually intentionally making a mess weeing on the floor.
  13. sillyme

    A short poem

    This is a gorgeous poem. I like it very much. Reminds me there is so much of the beauty in the world. I used to write poetry at one point. I would consider rejoining that art again some day.
  14. sillyme


    Please choose to stay alive. Me and many people here care about you. I've wanted to end my life many times, and every time after things have been really bad they got better later on. How you're feeling now will pass. Things will get better. I've done crisis intervention and have talked many people out of killing themselves over the phone. If you email me on here I am more than happy to give you my phone number or some other ways to reach me. I've talked to people on the phone were were on the verge of killing themselves many times. There is always something good in a person's life that they are unaware of when they are thinking of ending their life. I know there are many people on this sight including me who care about you and want you to live. Typing messages on here back and forth only goes so far in providing support, talking on the phone Skype email and other communications are more real. I've been a crisis line volunteer for a long time and have studied psychology for over 21 years. I really care about you, and you are more than welcome to email me privately on this sight, and I am more than happy to give you more ways to get in contact with me and I will do what I can to help you, I have many friends who look to me for support when they need. Helping others is one of my passions, and purposes in this life. Please stay alive!
  15. I think it would be awesome if Dixie and some of her female friends go into a public restroom and then all pee on the floor together while giggling, and then leave with some big puddles left there.

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