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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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    Naughty Peeing.
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  1. I always tell my significant other about my fetish because I want someone to join in with me in naughty peeing. Not many people will be willing to get peed on, but a significant other might be willing to pee on your or let you pee on them in the shower. I had one lover who would pee on the trail at a park with me together. I wanted to go into park bathroom with her and pee on the floor together but she wouldn't do that. Most people I have told think I'm weird for having a pee fetish but they usually won't disown me over it. I'm weird I accept it I don't care what others think of me because I d
  2. I just really like peeing on public bathroom floors, it's so fun, so naughty, and gives me such a BONER!
  3. I've been doing a lot of public bathroom floor peeing lately. Here are some of my pics.
  4. I really like encouraging people to pee in pools and other naughty places as well. When ever someone tells me they're thinking about maybe peeing in a pool or thinking of maybe peeing on a public bathroom floor I always egg them on.
  5. One time when I was fifteen two friends were at the park. The park bathroom closed. One friend said, “Dammit I need to go!” And he peed through the bars onto the park bathroom floor. I thought that seems like it would be fun. I want to try that. A few weeks later I walked to the park alone just for the sake of peeing on the park bathroom floor. The mens bathroom was open on this hot summer afternoon. This park bathroom would have paper towels with spit stuck to the ceiling, lots of graffiti, water, and pee on the floor. The bathroom had a sink, a urinal, a toilet and no doors. Often the s
  6. On a train could be pretty risky. For me public bathroom floors are one of my favorite places because it's so fun choosing to be naughty when the toilet is right there. A one person public bathroom is less risk, just go in lock the door, pee where ever you like, and if someone asks about the pee when you walk out say it was like that when you went in.
  7. Welcome Layla. This is an awesome place to interact online with people who are also into pee. I've been into pee since I was 15. I started with peeing on public bathroom floors and in swimming pools and it went from there. Are you into public bathroom floor peeing?
  8. I love pics and videos of men peeing because I can tell how horny they are by whether they have a boner. Peeing in the toilet takes away my boner. Peeing on the floor gives me a boner.
  9. That's so awesome you pee on the floor while breast feeding. I've sometimes thought if I were a women it would be awesome to get married to a man who is also into naughty peeing and then while pregnant do lots of naughty peeing hoping to pass that gene down. I know Its common for pregnant women to do naughty peeing out of desperation; but a women who is pregnant who purposefully pees on public restroom floors, hotel carpets, fitting rooms, elevators, and sofa's all when it would be just as easy to go to the toilet on purpose for fun, will doing that pass the gene down? I've read blog posts on
  10. I love peeing all over hotel rooms too. I like doing it sober more than drunk though because peeing on the floor while sober feels more naughty.
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