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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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    Naughty Peeing.
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    Peeing on the floor of public restrooms.

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  1. sillyme

    Anyone else in the midwest US? :)

    I'm also from the Midwest. I would enjoy getting to know all of you who are also from this region of the U.S. I am in Nebraska. The heat here is pretty rough right now. I like the winters better. I like meeting people on this sight.
  2. Mine was on the wall, and floor of a park restroom, a few days ago. I posted a picture on another blog on here.
  3. I did some public restroom floor peeing yesterday:
  4. Thank you for sharing. Public restroom floors are one of my favorite places to naughty pee. It's not the naughtiest place; but what I love about it is how close the toilet is yet choosing to be naughty that really turns me on. I also like that you're horny doing that. Another thing I enjoy about pics and videos of guys naughty peeing is you can tell how horny they are while doing so.
  5. sillyme

    Cleaning The Car

    Thank you for peeing on this car and filming it. I love peeing on stuff that isn't mine, and am happy you agree. I love naughty peeing very much, and am wondering where else have you naughty peed on stuff that isn't yours? I just think this is very hot, and would love to see more videos. Not just seeing, I also love naughty peeing myself a lot too.
  6. I love naughty peeing. I think it's bad that I pee on public restroom floors, fitting rooms, hotel carpets, elevators, massage rooms; and then leave it there. But knowing someone else will clean my pee makes me so much more horny. I do think naughty peeing that someone else will clean is bad. But that's what makes it so much fun.
  7. sillyme

    Cleaning The Car

    I peed on the car of a person who was abusive to me as a revenge. It felt so good to do that to her car. I hope you had fun doing this! Awesome job! Thank you for sharing this video! I also hope this is someone else's car. Peeing on stuff that isn't mine is always funner than peeing on my own stuff!
  8. sillyme

    Any pee meet up networking and dating sights?

    I at one point had an online lover who was into pee. I have talked to friends from time to time I met online who are into pee. I am bisexual which works to my advantage. I also am as much into doing naughty peeing as I am into watching. Single straight guys who just want to watch girls naughty pee, yet don't do it themselves, have it hard. Even though I'm bisexual videos of women spraying hotel, and restroom floors turn me on way more than ones of guys doing it because women doing that looks way more exotic. Also even though I'm single it also works to my advantage that even when alone peeing all over a public restroom floor, and leaving it there, that still turns me on hella. When I've made a mess in a one person restroom, I take a picture, and then jack off to the picture when I get home, and have a huge orgasm. To some that doesn't seem like much, but it's better than nothing, and still a lot of fun! I'm hoping to live on a nudist colony within the next two years. I think people who are ok with being naked all the time are more likely easier to talk to about my love for peeing on the floor.
  9. sillyme

    Any pee meet up networking and dating sights?

    I lived in Washington State, and may again at some point. I imagine you are only looking to date females however if you're looking for male friends to talk to about pee with message me.
  10. I really like this thread. I especially like how many people in the morality discussion talk about how they like naughty peeing, and we encourage each other to do so. I have thought about how when naughty peeing is done out of revenge it doesn't seem as bad. If people at a place treated people bad peeing on their floor can be a good revenge feeling. If a store doesn't let customers use the bathroom peeing on the store floor might be a revenge. Or if a company has bad practices peeing on their bathroom floor can also be a revenge. When naughty peeing is done for revenge is it not as bad then? A few hours ago I had a naughty pee on the floor of a company I don't like. This company Hobby Lobby that sells stolen goods, exploits factory workers, and gives their profit to anti-gay organizations. I went into the mens room at Hobby Lobby. When in there I closed the door locked it and started peeing on the floor. I aimed my dick from one side to the next first peeing where people walk toward the toilet, walking around the room while peeing, getting wee out on the side of the garbage can, peeing on the walls, peeing on the door, and kept on peeing all over the floor in front of the toilet, in front of the sink and next to the door to the last drop, not getting any of it in the toilet. Because this company does bad practices is it not as bad I did that to them? Does peeing where I'm not supposed to being the only thing that makes me horny make it not as bad? I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I just want to have fun, get excitement, get arousal, and get a rush.
  11. I will pee on lemon trees.
  12. sillyme

    Pee electricity

    I want to make flash lights that run on pee. Any suggestions?
  13. sillyme

    Japanese pee fetish

    I hope more females join this group. More females who speak both Japanese and English would be ideal.
  14. sillyme

    Japanese pee fetish

    Thank you for sharing this information. In the USA it seems pretty rare for people to have pee fetishes. My love for naughty peeing seems ever more unusual. I am teaching myself Japanese on the duolingo app, and would love to meet the love of my life in Japan and that be a women who's as into naughty peeing as I am.
  15. sillyme

    Japanese pee fetish

    Thank you for sharing this amazing video. I really like all the parts of this video where these women are peeing on the floor. As a white American who's learning Japanese. I hope to go to Japan sometime and join pee clubs there. I wish my country had more people into pee. I have heard pee fetishes are more common in Japan. How much more common, than in the west? Is it easier to talk to about to people there? Also with more people into pee in Japan, how common is naughty peeing there?