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    I'm an outgoing hippie artist, who loves music, poetry, art, board games, hiking, spending time in nature, and naughty peeing.

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    Naughty Peeing.
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    Peeing on the floor of public restrooms.

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  1. Thank you for doing my suggestion. It makes me happy knowing you did this. My plan is if someone sees me peeing on the floor of a public restroom say I missed the toilet by accident. Some women do hover, and miss accidentally. If someone comes into the stall and asks why there's pee on the floor, I say the person before me did it. I pee on the floor of public restrooms many times and always get away with it, Tap On Wood!. Hovering over the toilet is easier for some females than others. Another position I recommend is sitting on the very front of the toilet, and then peeing onto the floor in front of the bowl. When I'm naughty and I either do that, or pee on the floor standing.
  2. Thank you for clicking like on this suggestion of mine. I hope that means you are going to do this. If you do please share your experience. I have peed on the floor of public restrooms on purpose many times. It's one of my favorite peeing habits. It's not nearly as naughty as some places some of us on here pee, but what I love about it is being in a public bathroom it would be so easy to pee in the toilet yet choosing to be naughty is so exciting. After leaving a puddle behind I sometimes get an adrenaline rush.
  3. What about going into the ladies room at a store, hover over and off to one side of the toilet, and then weeeee on the floor?
  4. For me, I'm mostly into what I think of as naughty peeing: Peeing in the pool, peeing on public restroom floors, peeing out my window, peeing in bottles, peeing on the floor of stores, peeing in bars, peeing in dressing rooms, and hotel floors.
  5. sillyme

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    I love peeing on the floor of public restrooms and leaving it for someone else to clean.
  6. sillyme

    Where are my pee buddies?

    Which Vancouver? I have met people in the pee community from both Vancouver Washington and BC.
  7. I hope former experience project naughty peeing bloggers post in this group.
  8. Some women on experience project wrote among the best true stories of their experiences peeing on movie theatre seats, cafe table seat cushions, public restroom floors, fitting rooms and hotel carpets. I miss jacking off to those wonderful stories. I'm grateful there are a lot of stories on here too. True stories of real personal experiences doing naughty peeing are my favorite, plus I love peeing where I'm not supposed to myself and then sharing those stories on here.
  9. To be clear I am a refugee from both tumblr and peesearch. I like the idea of adding a club for peesearch refugees as well.
  10. I'm disappointed tumblr banned porn. I hope that brings more people to this sight. In addition to tumblr refugees is seems there are a lot of peesearch refugees here. I'm a refugee of both sights. It's not that peesearch banned porn. Peesearch refugees are here usually because so many people on that sight are against the people that do naughty peeing. The thing that I like about is there are a lot of people here who are into peeing where we're not supposed to as a result. I hope as more tumblr refugees flock here the people here into naughty peeing increases even more.
  11. sillyme


    You asked if our countries swap leaders. I live in the U.S. and am a 13th generation British Immigrant. Can you tell me more about Teresa May?
  12. sillyme

    Where would you see me pee?

    I understand you don't want to pee in a hotel room. Would you be down to pee on the carpet, and mirror of a dressing room at a clothing store and film that. I've peed in fitting rooms.
  13. sillyme

    Anyone else live in the United States?

    I'd love it if I could piss in streets, and no one watching would care.
  14. What do people think of this new cover photo I put up of a wet patch where I peed on the carpet of a restaurant? 

  15. sillyme

    Where would you see me pee?

    I would like to see you pee all over a hotel carpet while giggling the entire time, and talking about how much you love naughty peeing.