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  1. Maybe a misunderstanding....? The topic is here on WGP because some members do like accounts of female desperation/wetting from real life. In this context, smaller planes without restrooms are an even more intesting "setting". Btw: The woman who posted her personal desperation (and eventual wetting) experience on a plane some years ago in forums was also given the "advice" (by others posters) that she simply should have pissed before flying. She replied quite upset that she did of course visit the restrooms right before she boarded the plane.
  2. Well, right you are!! And if you are unlucky, (daemoniak, you were indeed very lucky!!) you will have to stay seated and eventually pee yourself...
  3. A couple of years ago, my wife had to do an emergency pee in the hallway (corridor leading to an emergency exit) in an event center. While she peed, she detected a CCTV on the ceiling... She is still a bit afraid (and I am too, to be honest..) that this vid may once appear on the net...
  4. Good thing to change into more comfortable clothes for flying!! Wearing a shirt would have helped the woman to manage to pee in her seat with definitely less damage (for her clothes!) than in her trousers... You should have joined her blog questions back then, nobody proposed this to her (for her next flight)... Concerning the behaviour of the crew: There were very different experiences from other passengers posted in the blog - it seemed, as if it very much depends on the airline... Some passengers told that they had not the least problems with the crew if they needed to visit the toilets
  5. If you have just two options: Using a Porta-potty or peeing in public without any real shelter (which is the case at many locations indeed!) you'd choose the latter? Hey, great! That means you are not shy about being seen peeing in public! ;-)
  6. That´s what some of the people who answered to her experience also told her - next time you are going to fly on a bussines trip, just don´t wear a suit, wear a skirt...!! I don´t really remember what she answered about that. She was in first place angry about the airline and seemed to want to know what she can do against the crew in such a case - of course, she didn´t get any helpful answers to this aspect... Concerning clothes: She was flying to (and back from) an important business meeting, so I think she couldn´t have been dressed in a short skirt (with no underwear!). The strict "dress-c
  7. Hm, very sophisticated variant! :wink: I just guess the woman on the plane who wet herself might have been too shy to perform such an action in front of her (male!) co-workers sitting right next to her... And in general, I am not sure, whether she had a blanket at all (don´t know if she at all asked for one, if she would have gotten one from the FAs...)
  8. I asked a female friend of mine who was a passenger on a flight a couple of days ago to try. She confirmed (and she is slim!) that a closed seatbelt makes it impossible to slide forward far enough to pee on the plane floor... (with pulled forward pants under a blanket f.e.). So there are in fact just 3 options: 1) Pee in your pants as the woman who told about her experience on the net did... 2) Cover yourself with a blanket, pull your pants/panties forward and pee into the seat - you will sit in your own pee on the soaked seat... 3) Sit ON the blanket and wrap it around you; pull panti
  9. Alfresco, totally logical reflections and "strategy" of yours! I guess the woman simply didn't dare to do all this, as she was sitting next to her co-workers... However, the result of her not trying an "emergency" option like you describe was not less embarrasing... Maybe she was also too afraid of the reaction of the Flight Attendants? Dropping her pants and peeing on the plane floor could have caused her troubles with the airline, or at least she thought so(?). I guess especially the Flight Attendants threat to have her arrested on landing, prevented her from actually thinking about ot
  10. As far as desperation on planes is concerned: About 3 years ago, a woman anynomously posted the following description of her personal (unplanned) pee desperation and wetting experience on a plane in different open access internet discussion forums: I was flying back from a business trip last night, along with my immediate superior and another member of our sales team. The flight was several hours into New York, and I was asleep for most of it. When I woke up, I had a very urgent need to use the restroom, but the fasten seatbelt sign was on due to turbulence. Long story short, due to del
  11. Right now, I also prefer to purchase single clips - I can manage my expenses much better this way! I am glad that my present favourite website LoveWetting.com (=brilliant!!) works this way!! :):):)
  12. I also don´t think there is any difference concerning gender - the only criteria that decides in which place a person will pee is his/her level of desperation. In order to avoid peeing in her clothes, most people will literally pee anywhere, as long as they have the chance to do it. The only issues that may prevent people from "peeing everywhere" in case of an extreme emergency are possible severe social, economic or even legal consequences. Only under such very special circumstances people (again regardless of gender) may very reluctantly "chose" to pee their clothes instead of peeing in
  13. Hell Sephora, I can totally relate to what you mean! Being a lover of female desperation myself, I would never ever ask a partner (or anybody else) to put themselves "deliberately" into a situation of extreme desperation! I enjoy female desperation that evolves totally unplanned and "unstaged" out of everday life situations and circumstances. I wouldn´t want anybody to "do it for me" at all... The more "natural" it develops, the better! However, once more I understood that my personal fetish "(female) pee desperation" is definitely the wrong topic for this forum in general.... As on the o
  14. Hi Sephora, I understand what you mean. It wasn't clear to me that you were actually about to have an accident, if you would have had to wait a bit longer. In that case you were in fact lucky that you were in a car and not in any other kind of transportation (without access to toilets) at this very moment (stuck train, bus, plane ...). That's were things become "exciting" for desperation lovers.
  15. Sephora, you don't seem to be shy about peeing in public and possibly being spotted by other people..? Especially when peeing next to the car in a traffic jam, other people might have noticed what you are doing (?).
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