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    I enjoy occasionally wearing diapers. I like to pee and see ladies pee. Either wet their panties or in a skirt without panties.

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    Wetting my diaper while drinking a beer at a small neighborhood bar.

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  1. I hope you don't mind if I ask if you ever wear and wet diapers?
  2. Now I would love to have seen that.
  3. Lizz a few years ago I saw a video of a lady wetting her jeans as she walked home. I don't remember where or what site it was on but I do remember she was being filmed "walking home" and she left a trail of pee as she walked. It was a real turn on. I was wondering if you have ever tried something like that.
  4. I was wondering if your GF ever peed while walking? I have done that before and found it to be a real turn on.
  5. Hmmmm. No time to go to the toilet? Sounds like diaper time to me.;-) ;-)
  6. Sorry to hear about your divorce. I've been through that myself and it wasn't any fun at all. But it sure eased a lot of stress on me. So best wishes to you.
  7. spurt20. That sounds really sexy. You said she enjoys peeing in her skirt as much as you enjoy watching? I would do my best to hang on to her. Best of luck to the 2 of you.
  8. See real years ago wben I was in the USAF. That was 40 years ago. I was a lit younger then. LOL.
  9. There is also Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis. That one is clothing optional park.
  10. I like Stewart Beach. I usually try to spend at least one day there every time I am in Galveston. Have you ever been to Barton Springs in Austin?
  11. That sounds like a real turn on. I would love to have seen those. Especially when they wet their bikinis. Are you at the beach when you see the ladies or at the swimming pool?
  12. I enjoy going to the coast (Galveston), and was wondering if you have ever seen any ladies wet their pants on the gulf coast?
  13. I am from the Texas Hill Country. Kevin should know where that is.
  14. Susanne - Malina , I agree with Sgt. Xana, very nice pictures. I love the pantyhose. The only thing that would make them hotter would be to see them wet.
  15. I hope some of the ladies that enjoy wearing and using (wetting) join in with their experiences and comments.
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