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  1. Yeah came to my mind too but i was a lazy bastard and hadn’t done laundry so i wasn’t wearing underwear 😂 edit: as a young batchelor doing laundry wasn’t my forte...
  2. Ah this brings back so many good memories 😊 at my old job i was always pissing everywhere my job was taking care of the forest and the walk paths so basically my workplace was a big toilet and one of my absolute favorites was the big lake that was there i’d often go swimming on hot days and pee in the lake or sometimes i just stood there on the dock and let it rip almost anytime i needed to pee i would head for the lake i never went to the bathroom in the morning so what ever i needed to do i did in the forest it was the best job i ever had, unfortunately the pay was absolute shite so after a few years i had to change jobs (got offerd a similiar job except not going in the forest but taking care of the town and they more than tripled my pay) but i really liked this job because 95% of the time i was the only employee and my boss was really chill and didn’t really give two fucks about what i did so i wasn’t even monitored i could literally do what i wanted as long as i got the job done. I even had some really hot sights on the job this one summer i had been holding my pee since the early morning and headed to work excitedly thinking where to pee today but when i got there my boss came to me and said: ”good you’re here let me introduce you to sophie (not her real name) our new employee for the summer now you and sophie are going to be paired up so show her the ropes and what we do will ya” which was my bosses way of saying ”i really like the free employees but don’t wanna do anything myself” so i just bit the bullet and politely introduced myself now sophie was really nice and polite she was 19 and on a summer vacation from uni. I showed her around the tools and we took what we needed and headed for the forest now at this point i was bursting and really wanted to go swimming and pee in the lake since the weather was really nice but couldn’t really do that with sophie in tow didn’t wanna creep or weird her out by beeing like ”hey how ’bout instead of doing work we go skinnydipping” to a younger girl who i had met that day (we didn’t have that big of an age diffrence i was 21 at the time) so now the problem was i really needed to pee but what to do about sophie until she said ”hey im sorry but do you mind if i pee here i was really nervous in the morning and being nervous makes me need to pee?” I was baffled like a lightning from a clear sky i didn’t expect it at all so i just answered ”oh yeah ofcource go ahead i actually really need to pee as well so do you mind if i go too?” And then she said something that got me really horny she said ”oh not at all the forest is after all a big toilet” and there she was peeing next to me a girl i met that day and to this day i often think about those times anytime im in the woods. sorry for the super long ass story again 😅
  3. Damn that is hot! Its been a dream of mine to do that but unfotunately there are no busses in the small town i live in...
  4. If we’d live closer you could pee in my car anytime 😉
  5. Oh man am i jealous i would give anything to have someone like that and the pee smell that would linger in the car would be such a turn on. Man you’re lucky 😅
  6. Deffinately got off on it, we actually laughed about the fact that we had the same idea she also woke up really early and thought there wouldn’t be anyone else so didn’t matter if the morning pee was yellow or not. then we talked about our fetishes like what are the best places to pee and what turns on the most and so on and so forth
  7. I agree espcially with the announcing before you go, like i posted on the other thread it was my most exciting experience even tho i didn’t even pee myself but there is just something about her asking my permission to pee that made it A LOT more exciting 😁
  8. For me its always been the more yellow the more it turns me on
  9. Well like @oliver2 there said earlier there is already one but im always glad to share stories so here you go. my favorite place to pee in the pool is right where others have peed and just thinking of my pee mixing with someone else’s is a huge turn on for me so whenever i see a girl peeing in the pool i try my best to go right there sometimes its quite hard because the tought of our pees mixing gets me super hard and i can’t pee but hey it happens xD one of the best experiences i’ve had is when i was away on a work meeting and the hotel we stayed in had a pool and i always wake up early like early early so i thought i really need to pee so why not go pee in the pool since there shouldn’t be anyone at this time so more time to be naughty so there i go put on my shorts and walked to the pool and once i arrived there was a probably 40 something woman in the pool standing a little over hip deep and clearly peeing the water around her was bright yellow and i could see more coming she looked over and noticed me said ”morning” and just continued peeing in the pool i answered ”morning to you too” while climbing to the pool and when i got next to her in the yellow cloud i immeadiately started peeing in the water too my pee was really yellow too so we both just added a huge cloud of yellow pee in the pool chatted a while and peed again she was really nice and open about peeing but then i had to leave for the meeting so i said goodbye peed one last time and when i got out the pool had a really clear yellow spot in the middle where we peed i shoud’ve asked for her number maybe we could’ve had more fun together but well it was still an awesome trip 😊
  10. Yes it was absolutely the best and yeah i thought it weird too at first but then thought that she was definately shy so maybe she didn’t want to upset anyone or make anyone unconfortable and since i was the only one around that corner so maybe she thought that if i was ok with it it wasn’t a big deal?
  11. I,ve seen many super hot stories in here and was wondering what are all of your best/favorite experiences and sightings? My best sighting by far was a little over a year ago when i was working, there i was just a normal day like any other and summer was almost here so i was making sure all the forest and other paths were useable and that winter hadn’t damaged any bridges etc. So there i was trimming the sides of the paths when this smoking hot blonde girl comes walking past with her dog, she was wearing a short tight white summer dress (obviously see thru from the top) it was really hot seeing her big breasts bouncing around as she walked it was already hot but then she suddenly comes to a stop and i look over and see her just standing there then i looked over and saw her dog doing a #2 and then she goes into a squat so i just thought that she’s gonna pick it up but then i noticed when she went into the squat and her skirt rose up that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and i could clearly see her bare very nicely shaped bum and as if that didn’t get me super horny already just like its nothing she started peeing right where she was squating i could clearly see the stream hitting the ground and making a puddle she didn’t even look around her like she didn’t care at all if someone saw her and there she was peeing for quite a long time and after she was done she just shook her ass a little and then got up and walked away like nothing happened it was sooo hot i went to the woods nearby to wank immediatly then i had to return to take a picture so i’d never forget (pic is gonna be at the end) As for the hottest experience its nothing too special but i took my nefhews swimming they knew how to swim and i was just more or less there to drive them so i there i was just sitting in a corner keeping an eyeout for potential peers and then it happend this cute innocent looking 20 something old girl comes to the corner where i am as it was the only place that wasn’t completely packed with ppl and in a really soft cute voice she asks me ”umm umm excuse but do you mind if i pee here i really have to go and everywhere else is packed with ppl” and then me trying to hide my very obvious excitment just asnwered ”absolutely just go ahead” and she said ”whew thanks i really need to pee” and she immediately just started peeing i could see the stream/haze as the water wasn’t that deep and i could deffinately feel the warmth of her fresh pee and that was really hot I couldn’t believe it there was a really cute young girl peeing right next to me in the pool and i could see AND feel it it was absoulutely the best feeling ever and when she was done she just looked at me with this cute smile and said ”thanks”. well those are mine and im really looking forward to hearing all yours ^^
  12. Oh i love your stories Maggie they’re always so hot! ❤️ i love peeing in the pools too or any body of water really and im always interested in hearing more your stories ^^
  13. Yes, made it a lot easier for me to find the spot ^^
  14. Just had another great work sighting, today i was clearing the forest paths with a trimmer when suddenly a group of 3 girls walked past me with drinks in hand and i saw one of them adjusting their pants so the first thing that came to my mind was that she had just pissed somewhere and that turned me on so in i go the way they came from and turns out i was right but unfortunately i wasn’t lucky enough to see it myself but then i thought that they were so close to me that they must’ve heard me coming with the trimmer so then i started imagining her hurrying her pee when they heard me coming closer and closer so much that she didn’t even have time to put on her pants propperly and that turned me on a lot. She must have been squating on the bridge and peeing down from it judging by the splatter i don’t know how well you can see it in the picture but the ground was soaking wet from her fresh pee
  15. Yeah i know all the good places partly because i use them myself and the festival is annual and since its a small town with only 2000 people living here and there hasn’t been any infections in a 150km radius so there aren’t that many risks

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