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    When a sexy looking 18-20 year old girl came to pee next to me in pool and i could see it and feel the warmth

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  1. Oh yeah happens to me quite often, not really pee related but i’ve got uh well um to put it simply im really fucked up in the head and whenever anyone points that out or says something like stuff i like is weird or gross fetishes included i always take it as a compliment im like: ”thank you for noticing mate” even tho i probably shoudn’t be 😂
  2. I’ve done it only once when the toilets were packed and the line was absolutely ridicilous so i went to the corner and there was already a puddle there so i just discreetly added to it while pretending to be on the phone.
  3. I think its absolutely normal we live in the country and even when we’re just normally outside everyone pees outside
  4. I’d deffinately like to see whatever you like since the best stories/pictures/videos in my opinion come from the person doing what they love/like to do that way they’re more passionate and usually more detailed. And for me seeing the person doing them enjoy themselfes is a big turn on 😍
  5. It was never weird to be seen peeing in my family, we have cottage on an island in the middle of the sea and since no running water or electricity we peed outdoors the outhouse was only used for #2 and thus i’ve seen everyone of my family members peeing many many times and they’ve seen me, brothers, sisters, mom, dad and just well everyone even the people that weren’t family sometimes.
  6. Yeah absolutely! Good luck and hope you can find some 😊
  7. Like the title says in my opinion one of the best aspects of winter is pee spot hunting and how easy it is because of snow. Now not only does the snow make it easier to find but also easier to diffreantiate between male and female pees. Any one else like pee spot hunting in the winter? here’s some i got this week:
  8. As somebody who’s genderfluid and bi, i like both like its quite nice to see your coworker a tough good looking bloke take a wee at work site and then somedays i feel that it absolutely has to be a woman depends a lot on my mood.
  9. I like to pee as high up the tree as i can its fun to see how high you can go
  10. For me it doesn’t matter that much i like the models and the normal women in my opinion a good video is a good video no matter the subject 😊
  11. I believe they can, i have many good female friends and i always pee in front of them but as i’ve said in another thread i live on the countryside and peeing outside is the norm here
  12. Honestly that sounds really lovely i’d deffinately wear a dress if it wasn’t such a taboo in public 😅
  13. Oh god this series was absolutely perfect!!! Well done mate! Hope to hear more stories from you sometime 😍😍😍😊💖
  14. @BlindListener There was a wall behind my car, also im quite used to peeing while squatting as its something i quite like to do when i get the chance plus in low squat there’s a smaller chance i accidentaly spray my shoes or my pants 😅
  15. Absolutely wonderful stories! Many thanks for such an absolutely wonderful dream i want to go to Pisuaria so bad now! 😊😍😍💖

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