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    I like naughty pissing. That's basically the extent of my piss fetish, lol.

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    Naughty peeing
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    Stuff involving naughty pissing.

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  1. barkdog

    Ever held back?

    I'm really into naughty peeing (that's really my only pee fetish), and sometimes that stuff can get pretty taboo pretty fast. I figured I'd probably keep my questions about it to the Naughty Pee club on here. I am curious about what was too "rude" for you though.
  2. barkdog

    Erectile Function

    I can pee with a hard-on, but it requires extra effort.
  3. I wish someone would just make a pee simulator with realistic physics or something.
  4. Mine was on the floor/wall of a public toilet, but I'm curious about you all. I'd love to hear the details about them too!
  5. barkdog


    I ordered a custom video some time ago last year and I got it after about 3 weeks or so if I remember correctly.
  6. I have seen the video, it's great!
  7. I remember being into desperation briefly when I was younger, but I mostly forgot pee fetish stuff until I was in college. I used a urinal for the first time in college, and it sort of awoke some kind of fetish for women peeing standing.
  8. barkdog

    Kia ora from New Zealand

    Howdy! Same!
  9. barkdog

    Youtube videos where a women talk about pee

    I had no idea she had a youtube channel, lol.
  10. I can't pee straight because of a birth-defect, so It'd be nice to do be able to do that.
  11. I'll do it randomly
  12. Loved the girl pissing across the toilet whilst sat down

  13. I would love to see someone do a real video of this. Great story
  14. barkdog

    Pissing against the wall

    What video's this from? Is that Annie?