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    I like naughty pissing. That's basically the extent of my piss fetish.

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    Naughty peeing
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    Stuff involving naughty pissing.

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  1. barkdog


    I've had a poll on there for a while. https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/626531 Not really much to see unfortunately, but would still enjoy responses. May post the story responses eventually.
  2. silver lining is it may draw those people here instead.
  3. I prefer to watch. Or join in 😉 That being said, voyeur does nothing for me.
  4. I wouldn't say I'm proud or ashamed. I know the average reaction from someone who doesn't have the fetish is revulsion, so that kinda makes me wary of ever telling anyone of course.
  5. I'm similar. Not really interested in men, but watching other dudes piss everywhere in their POV is kind of a turn on sometimes
  6. Every once in a while I see new stuff made. Since it's an obscure fetish (pissing all over the place), you usually have to wait a while before someone makes something good. But when it comes it's fucking great.
  7. This is my thing. This is really fucking hot. Thank you for sharing. 😍
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