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    I like naughty pissing. That's basically the extent of my piss fetish.

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    Naughty peeing
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  1. I'm probably an outlier here in that I developed a fetish for it instantly the first time I deliberately missed the toilet, and I was 18 at the time. I have no idea why, it just felt exhilarating at the time. Never did it as a kid.
  2. I prefer standing, but I will sit sometimes depending on my mood.
  3. Walls, watching it splatter and drip down is exhilarating for some reason
  4. Naughty pissing with a woman all over a room
  5. Besides naughty pissing, I also like what I guess you could call "consensual degradation" with both piss and cum
  6. That sub as well as r/pissmarking are now banned apparently
  7. Bit of a weird one for me, but I used to be very urinal-shy growing up. And when I started using them more often, I started to "miss" more often and for whatever reason it turned me on.
  8. silver lining is it may draw those people here instead.
  9. I prefer to watch. Or join in 😉 That being said, voyeur does nothing for me.
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