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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. fannywatcher

    Questions only V2

    That wold be lovely.What will you do?
  2. fannywatcher

    what was your frist peeing experience ?

    Similar to me,it fascinates doesnt it?
  3. I cant help thinking,"were you wearing panties?"
  4. I hope you might model more for us..underwear,swimsuits,just saying.xx
  5. fannywatcher

    Interest to UK fans

    Good luck with that Norfie.
  6. fannywatcher


    Im sure it will.Get drawing.
  7. Im not sure if ever anyone has said the very saucy minx Britney Spears? A waste of good pee if you ask me that goes unwatched.I was watching her vid "Toxic" and i thought,on the peelist with you Britters!
  8. fannywatcher


    Well,upon finding myself invisible i guess i would try to sneak in unseen to a ladies changing room in a gym.Hopefully try find a corner,or under a table where no-one would bump into me,and i could just enjoy the view.Maybe try follow a fit babe into the loos to hear her pee.Maybe try peek under the door..Obviously,i would be naked and very hard,but unable to tug due to semen suddenly appearing out of thin air might cause a stir,so i would have to just enjoy the views...i guess i could sneak into a stall in there and lock the door,if it opened they would assume it was the wind or something..Then maybe if any sexy pop stars were on somewhere i would try sneak into her dressing room,or hotel room,watch them change,shower maybe,then as they were on stage,i could quietly enjoy their underwear.. It would be tricky if so aroused though and the star or stars in question bumped into me,as i was aroused and they kind of began trying to feel around what it was,this weird lump that was in the corner of their room,and they began to pull at it,if it was maybe a naked Mariah Carey,and id just watched her pee,and she discovered me.....oooops!!!
  9. fannywatcher

    Names for our bits.

    Two names still baffle me,for,shall we say,the vulva.. Monkeys Forehead.(never seen ANY primate with a forehead resembling a girls "slit".) Tuppence.(is it boys get 4pence and girls get 2pence or something) WTF?Im in a scientificy questioning mood today...
  10. fannywatcher

    One for the girls.

    Ok,i watch a lot of girls peeing on video etc,yes,dirty pervert.... What ive noticed is kind of variation in urethras,where it seems to exit the vulva as it were.In some cases it seems to be hitting where the clitoris is likely to be(?),or in some its lower down almost coming out within the vagina,i wondered if in some women,at certain times,just having a wee,could be like a kind of orgasm?In some and not others,due to tiny variations in urethra,in the same way,that the powerpisser Annie,can fire her stream yards away,maybe due to minute variations.Or why some girls are tricklers and some are like hosepipes...Obviously in us men,OUR variations in urethras are quite marked often by an inch or so,but in women its millimetres.. Just one more fascinating thing about the act of urination.
  11. fannywatcher

    Are more guys or girls into peeing?

    Yes we must respect each other,obviously we try have fun but the girls that join arent here just for our sexual enjoyment,but their own.As long as we respect their input then all will be well.I would HOPE really,that any girl would tell us if we were going over the mark at all.
  12. fannywatcher


    There was a young girl from Nantucket Who tried to piss in a bucket When she squat down She fell on the ground And finally said oh fuck it!
  13. fannywatcher


    If you could go invisible for 1 day,what would you do?Whilst invisible,no-one can see or hear you,so if you fall down a well,you cant shout for help for 24 hours kind of thing.Also,youre not a spirit.You have physical form so people can bump into you and know youre there,and you will leave footprints if you walk on the sand,or walk on gravel,you will make sound.If you pee,poo,vomit,or eject anything else from your body,people will see the fluid appearing as if by magic..People would see a stream of pee suddenly appearing mysteriously!Or even if you wear clothing it will be seen,so you would have to walk round naked really...I will write my things later as i just thought of this!