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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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  1. fannywatcher

    Clit appreciation

    I think its cute how you are putting it through a little hole...
  2. fannywatcher

    Urethra appreciation

    Probably why we see a lot of difference between womens streams.Some are dribbly some like fire hoses..
  3. fannywatcher

    Clit appreciation

    Yes we should get all the girls to post pics of theirs here for comparison..
  4. fannywatcher

    Keeping full bladder sphincter closed when . . . .

    I think all the muscles etc kind of work together in that area,squeeze one and something happens elsewhere if youre not careful..
  5. fannywatcher

    Clit appreciation

    All i know is its purpose is purely sexual.In a way,women are divided into 3 parts.The clitoris,for stimulation,the urethra for pee,and vagina for sex.Is that too simplistic? All tucked away so neatly within your slits,such a neat little package,that is so versatile.
  6. fannywatcher

    Duplicate pics on ancient posts

    Because many pics are kind of recycled in different threads.
  7. fannywatcher

    ROOM 101

    Hunting. Im not talking like the Bushmen of the Kalahari,or the Aborigines of Australia,or other primitive tribal groups,who kill one or two animals enough to feed their people for a day or so,and usually they respect their environments,and cause little ecological damage. I mean any kind of organised hunting,in which money is likely to change hands,and large numbers of animals,like Grouse will be killed for fun.Or in some countries,rich people pay thousands to shoot large animals like Lions,Giraffes etc...of course this is "all for conservation".Yes,these psychos would have you believe,the animals virtually BEG you to kill them,in order to preserve their habitat,or whatever shit they give out.The best one is "the money goes back to wildlife conservation".Or it goes towards buying a nice new Yacht,or fancy cars for the reserves owners maybe? Its time ALL "sport" shooting was banned across the world.Many species were wiped out by this form of recreation. Perhaps allow it in this form.Give the hunter a bow and arrow,and a spear,let them try kill a Rhino that way.IF they succeed,they can take the trophy.Yea right....
  8. fannywatcher

    ROOM 101

    TV shows that revisit scenes constantly. This seems to mainly be American TV but im sure its general...It seems to feature especially in those "reality" Cop shows,or those airport customs things.. Where a show will spend about 5 minutes telling you what youre ABOUT to see,over the next ten minutes,then,spends 2 minutes telling you what youre ABOUT to see in part 2. Then as part 2 begins,it tells you what you ALREADY saw in part 1.Then it will go "coming up in part 2"...and then spend about 5 minutes telling you what youre ABOUT to see in part 2 AGAIN....so over the course of the show you only see about 1/3 actual programme,the rest being revisits of what you already saw!!!ArggggHHH!!!!
  9. fannywatcher

    ROOM 101

    Movie trailers. Simple one this.When they show trailers that basically reveal most of the upcoming films outstanding points,so when you watch the film,you feel youve already seen it!Stop this!
  10. fannywatcher

    woman's bare Bottoms

    Erection fodder!Lovely!
  11. fannywatcher

    What should I wear tommorow?

    Oooh cameltoe,sorry!
  12. fannywatcher

    What should I wear tommorow?

    They look nice enough
  13. fannywatcher

    What should I wear tommorow?

    Off with a photo!x
  14. fannywatcher


    What has been glossed over far too much are the following incidents.A big deal at the time,quickly brushed under the carpet.All committed by Muslims,in the name of Islam,for what to me,seem baffling objectives.Thousands of innocent citizens in total murdered for no reason,other than religious doctrine,that being a backward primitive,mysogynistic fairy tale really. In no particular order; New York 9/11-over 3000 killed Madrid railway bombings about 200 killed hundreds injured Bali bombings maybe around 150 killed London 5/7 05 around 50 killed,hundreds wounded Manchester arena 2017 about 20 killed,many young schoolkids youngest 8 years old. Lee Rigby,off duty soldier butchered on Londons streets by 2 Islamic fanatics Nice truck attack was it 60-80 killed? Paris 13/11/15 attacks,over 120 dead.People at a rock show in wheelchairs lined up and shot in the head one by one.Done by Islamic killers who entered Europe as "refugees",and escaped for a while due to the EUs open borders laws. Others i cant remember,as too many to count,Sweden,Holland,Germany,Belgium,all suffered with this cult.We should every year have minutes silences on the anniversaries in each country to recall these poor citizens,but NO.This would "offend certain "communities"we are told! Wake up people,this is WAR.A war not of our choosing,like Pearl Harbour,was not Americas choice,but once attacked,had to fight back.I dont think President Roosevelt the next day went on the Radio,and said something like "we must not jump to conclusions about this incident,we know certain elements of an Asiatic power,have misread their ancient Samurai teachings,and we must ensure we dont demonise the Japanese population,at this time!"No he said"This is day which will live in infamy!"Then set about destroying the Japanese Empire,not making excuses for them.