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  1. ICPN


    As of 5 mins ago for me I was able to google search studios on clips4sale and it worked fine. Tons of links showed up
  2. I am not much for pee drinking but if my dream want to pee on my face I would let her. I would just make sure my mouth stayed shut
  3. ICPN


    I recently found this site and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Is it good? Is it not worth my time?
  4. ICPN

    Pissing via skype!

    What kind of fees are we talking about?
  5. ICPN

    Peeing at swim up bars

    Also if I owned a private pool I would not really care about people peeing in it while they swam, I would actual just expected everyone is doing it anyways even if they deny it.
  6. ICPN

    Peeing at swim up bars

    To be honest, every time I go swimming I pee. It does not matter if I am in a pool, the ocean or a lake. The first thing I do when I get in the water waist deep is pee. The way I see it is chlorine is keeping the pool clean and urine in sterile anyways. Also when I was younger I swam in our community pool A LOT, in all that time I swallowed more then my fair share of pool water, by accident of course. I am a perfectly healthy mid 30s guy and have never suffered any ill affects.
  7. ICPN

    Cam Girls

    I was reading a post some time ago, and there was mention of some people have done some camming. I was curious. because I have used sites like MFC for about 3 years now and watched many girls cams, How often when a model is doing a shower show, would you pee in the shower and just not mention it to the room at large?
  8. ICPN

    would you or would you not

    I would go behind a tree/bush
  9. ICPN


    Ok I want this to be a serious thread because this is something I have heard people talk about and maybe considered myself, using a hidden camera. Do you think putting a hidden camera in someone's room, shower, bathroom etc. Is consider wrong or is it only wrong if you start uploading the footage on the net. See I have heard stories of people that will put cameras in public places and get caught and I can see how that is horrible, but would it be equally bad if say someone was living in a house with a room mate or two and put a camera in the bathroom and/or shower for there own person collecting with no intend of showing anyone else? What are your thoughts on this?
  10. ICPN


    I also would be willing to some snapchatting. message me if you want to get it
  11. ICPN

    Torrent Files

    Yeah people, I am pretty sure this file is full of viruses. Since I try to download it my Internet Explorer has been randomly crashing about every 5 to 10 mins. I managed to clear off all the programs that got added during the download but one. I also ran a virus scan but it says I am clean. So I think it has changed some of my Admin files on me. BE VERY careful with this one.
  12. Truthfully, if I have some serious morning wood and I do not have the patients to wait for it to go down. I will walk outside and pee in the backyard.
  13. ICPN

    Torrent Files

    Not sure if I did it wrong, but that site gave me SHIT TONS of spyware. It just tried to install 8 different programs for random clean up and optimizing.
  14. ICPN

    What is pee

    is it blood red?
  15. ICPN

    Online gender-bending

    I will admit, I have got in to Omegle chat rooms before and pretended to be a women. I do it mostly out of boredom because there are so many guys who get on there and just try and pick up women, and I think it is funny to fuck with them, because who is going to honestly think they will meet someone in a room where you have no idea who you are talking to and can not see their face?