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  1. I had some early experiences before this, but after wondering this myself for a very long time, I remembered that I was exposed to piss porn at a rather young age, though I can't remember how old I was exactly. That was probably it, looking back, and the later experiences only solidified it.
  2. If the car was obviously abandoned and it was clear the owner won't come back for it, I might, but otherwise no.
  3. That sounds like a weird cutoff. Seven or more? Not 5 or 10, but 7+ ? Gotta wonder why they settled on that.
  4. That sounds incredible! I've always wanted to pee off a high place like that, but I haven't had the chance yet.
  5. I love camping for this reason. It's like having free reign to pee outside all you want, it's great. Needless to say, I'm experienced in that area, but I never did anything too different from what you'd expect, just peeing on trees and such.
  6. Ah, I see. Shy bladder sure can be a nuisance, I know.
  7. Just out of curiosity, where "inside" of her?
  8. Basically title. What's the most fun place you have peed, or most fun way you've peed? For me it'll have to be a tie between some of the outdoor pees I've had and peeing out of my window onto the trees, grass and fence. The window one was more unique though, so probably that. How about you guys?
  9. That's a good question. I haven't measured it before, I guess I should. I'll leave this reply to remind myself.
  10. Neutral for me, kind of like using a normal toilet, but it's obviously amazing when you really had to go.
  11. I'm rather interested in these potty training urinals. Particularly the ones with a spinner on the inside. A (SFW) link so you can see what I mean in case you're more of a visual learner. https://www.amazon.com/Foryee-Training-Urinal-Aiming-Target/dp/B00VP6Z3HI/ref=sr_1_3?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9._PCNRaffAoSMIjCCk1t9wpxfJ5aioSGvQtYTg40Os52J-4uU-IYwlmffbSyjT47TLwnCtWJqbIysIWz1wlUVxAaR8DzHQC6hT2i93M6Iu2WbO_c4--_znDSBuWwbjDoAQrtlsnfMHoAuedkqWdhpisSw10lu7anC_3LzGGmriyk1_QlmACeA7YVIAQNIephGrCC5g1rbXKEg4hvd51YM3QOnJd797xlvC9ty_K-G9ytf2CDfJTdvRMzDjs8AgMPRhDkiE7-aF9EYKtswpDkZHNs9jtsfP-uVRnD_SeuUliQ
  12. I'm uncut and I like it like that. I usually retract the foreskin to pee, especially if I'm actually trying to get a clean stream, but leaving it unretracted can have some pretty interesting results. It adds a lot of variables to any pee, and I like that.
  13. Depends what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing jeans, I'll use the fly, and if not I'll pull down my pants and underpants (while leaving my butt covered, ofc).
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