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    Chill Japanese American college student looking for people who think like me and like similar stuff. I'm 6'3, athletic (football), and play guitar. Always loved pissing outside for as long as I can remember, marking your territory is fun

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    Pissing wherever and whenever I want, like men are supposed to
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    Pissing in the locker room showers with 4 of my teammates after practice one time

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  1. Yea I guess so haha, I do drink a lot of water. Explains why I'm always pissing everywhere
  2. Here's another of my favourite spots on campus, right next to where most of my classes are held. Quicker than walking to the bathroom lol
  3. I always end up getting some on the floor even if I don't try to, I never care enough to aim properly lol Couple times I've filled the cup up and just sprayed the rest on the floor, if I gotta go I gotta go
  4. Thought I might as well post this, gotta prove that Asian guys can be hung too. 8 inches of Japanese American dick (Was pretty risky taking this in a shared dorm bathroom but oh well lol)
  5. Yeah it was definitely a big difference, my mom is American but my dad is Japanese so I had a lot of different influences. My mom always allowed me and my brother to pee in the yard at our place in the states, but it was my dad that encouraged us to pee in other places. Whenever we'd go visit his side of the family in Japan and we'd need to pee while we're out, he'd just tell us to piss where we are. So he's definitely the one who gave me my current attitude lol As for boys vs girls it depends on where you are. In the town where my family is I've seen girls pee in public, but they're norm
  6. I'm not sure about "naughty peeing" but in Japan men pissing in public is a lot more common. It's still technically illegal like in the US but tons more people do it and it's overlooked more often. In rural areas like where I grew up it was basically encouraged or just accepted as normal. In big cities I've always seen 2-3 guys taking a leak in the street during the after work rush. It's still taboo for women to do it but with men there's nowhere near the kind of stigma there is in America. It's one of my favourite parts of visiting family back there lol
  7. I was in the mens bathroom of my college dorm to take a shower, but I spotted a puddle next to this urinal so I had to add to it
  8. I spent my time growing up split between a rural town in Texas and a rural town in Japan, so pissing outside was always a normal part of my life. I think meeting city people and realising that it's not that common in cities (American ones anyway) is what made me find it hot. In texas our place was off the grid (no mains water and stuff) so my mom encouraged me and my brother to pee in the yard to save water. In Japan we had an apartment in a tiny town/village. It was really common for people, especially men and boys, to pee in the street or on the side of a building. So I guess that just
  9. The nearest movie theatre near me is pretty small and usually quiet, so I can get away with a lot of shit there. If I need a piss after the movie I'll just head to the bathroom and "miss" the urinal. But if I gotta go during the movie and there's nobody sat next to me then I'll just take a leak in my empty drink cup and put it under my seat
  10. I've done a lot of pissing in public but I think the most public one was when I was visiting some family back in Japan. I went to Tokyo on a night out with two of my cousins and on the way back we took the metro. I really needed a leak after all the drinking and couldn't see a bathroom anywhere. There were only about 20 other people on the platform so I thought fuck it, moved out of view of the cameras and started pissing off the platform. One of my cousins had to go too, so he ended up joining me. We definitely got seen by about a dozen people, but nobody really seemed to give a shit. Public
  11. Thought I'd get some pics of this one because you guys seemed to like my last post. I was going out with some buddies last night and needed a piss. There's a pond near the main campus parking lot so I thought fuck it, that'll do. I just whipped my dick out and added to the pond while my friends laughed, it's a pretty common thing for us to do. Especially when there's beer involved lol
  12. Nice one dude! Soon you won't even need the beers, you'll just whip it out and piss wherever without even thinking about it
  13. You too bro, good to know I'm not the only one who does shit like this!
  14. Fr man guys are the least likely to be weird about it. Even had one guy join me when I was pissing in an alley on a night out, just this complete stranger that saw me taking a piss and decided he needed one too. Instant bro bond lol
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