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  1. Hi. Nice to see others kiwis on here.
  2. fanofwetknicker

    Wild girl diaries

    Wow, well I wish I'd found these stories sooner, great job Steve. Guess I'm one of those who do enjoy erotica such as this, keep em coming please.
  3. fanofwetknicker

    word association.

    Chicken stock
  4. fanofwetknicker

    word association.

    Soup kitchen
  5. fanofwetknicker

    Little things you find sexy

    I love to see girls showing off their camel toe, so great if I can see the outline of their pussy lips through their clothing
  6. fanofwetknicker


    Heres an idea I had a little while ago. Not too far from where I live there is a tourist attraction in the form of a "haunted" house, a former mental asylum. Some people I know keep returning to this place time after time to have the bejesus scared out of them, though I haven't asked these girls, it occurred to me they might occasionally pissing themselves with fright. I'm sure the proprietors would have seen some sights. Also fir someone into wetting themselves wouldn't this be a great place to do so with perhaps a little more acceptance since one could claim ti have been scared into it.
  7. For me my earliest memory of "dirty" peeing I would have been about 4 and shared a bedroom with my brother who was 3. We were stood on our beds peeing at each other. When I was about 7 or 8 I remember we were playing in sand dunes with another friend, a girl, and we all needed to pee, so we dug holes in the sand, and though my brother and I both lay over our holes on our bellies and need into them unseen our female friend started over her hole with her pants down, I think she was as surprised as we were when she sent a jet arcing up in front of her. From that time I was fascinated by how girls peed
  8. fanofwetknicker

    where are you

    I'm living in New Zealand but have also lived in Australia, am originally from UK
  9. fanofwetknicker

    Pee in the News

    I remember years ago watching an English program loosly based around football (soccer) where a photo was shown of a footballer sat on the grass, supposedly doing stretches, but he was actually taking a pissing out the side of his shorts.
  10. fanofwetknicker

    Has anyone just peed anywhere interesting?

    I was getting quite desperate on my way home from work the other day having had a couple of beers with the boss at the end of the shift, anyway was taking a different route home and looking for good place to piss. I turned in to a cemetery and parked up then went for a walk. I was not amongst the headstones but found an unusually styled bench in a gravel area with trees and bushes around, I knew I would have plenty of warning of anyones approach so slipped the end of my cock out the leg of my shorts while sat on the bench and let fly into the gravel in front of me. In the distance in front of me I could see a road but I knew no one would see me from so far away. I always get a buzz from peeing in such public environments so long as I won't get caught.
  11. fanofwetknicker

    Cut or Uncut

    Also uncut, and usually pull foreskin back to pee as otherwise drip develops or split stream
  12. I too am interested in uploading a video to your site, but having followed the above instructions have been told I don't have the right privileges?
  13. fanofwetknicker

    Where did you find us?

    Found link on YouTube, I love this site and while l enjoy seeing girls wet their pants or the voyeuristic aspect of seeing girls peeing outdoors l also like to see in unusual places and am planning to share this for any girls interested