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  1. @Kamikasuper hot! I guess my question should have been - would you be okay with a guy touching and playing with your pussy while you pee? Helping you aim, wiping you, etc...
  2. I guess this question is similar to this thread for men: One of the hottest things in the world is where a women has a larger inner labia and you help guide and touch her as she pees, spraying it wherever you desire. Just wondering if any of the women in the forum have done this or enjoy it?
  3. One thing that seems to be missing from most of the popular pee videos (specifically with women) is the clean up afterwards (or wiping), it's even hard to find on this site too...they always seem to 'cut' the scenes right at that part, which sucks. In my mind it's super feminine to see a women clean/wipe her pussy and dry herself off before putting her panties back on. Even better is being allowed to help wipe your partner or lick her clean after she has peed, more so if she has larger labia and a lot to enjoy. I feel this is a more 'niche' side to the pee fetish, but I wonder if any
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