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  1. One day I was in church with my mom and grandma I was 11 at the time and I was sitting on the other side of the church and I noticed I had to pee badly I had already had 3 mountain dews earlier and I sat up to go to the bathroom and when I stood up I leaked a little and I walked to the bathroom holding my private everyone looked at me as I walked but when I got to the bathroom it was out of order so I went back and sat down next to my mom and whispered I need to go badly as I was squirming around and she said your going to have to wait so I waited then we were getting ready to leave and I was holding it in and I asked my mom can we please go I cant hold it much longer and she said hold on and as we were walking out I stayed sitting down as long as I could so I didnt burst and my mom said lets go and as I stood up I lost control and tried to stop but I kept coming I was so embarrassed (im new to this)

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