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  1. Thank you! :D been looking around for ages without success.
  2. thx, i'll check around and see if i can find something
  3. Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out. a few years back i was a member on a forum with alot of Peeing/Shitting content, but i can't for the life of me remember what the url is (got lost with my bookmarks when i reinstalled windows) The site was called something like "my blue moon" or "my precious blue" or something along those lines, i know the admin of the site is called Mandy. anyone recognize this and can help me out?
  4. hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone can help me, i would like to find out what password they use for the files for: http://thehsfc2.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-5323.html#more but it's all in japanese so i can't read any of it :(
  5. Zeratha


    yeah it varies alot depending on what users are online, i know there are a few who got 3+ TB each, and i guess the new stuff depends on how hard it is to get a hold of, i know there are clips from sneakypee up too 1700 at least, and i belive that is kinda new stuff so it pretty much depends on user.
  6. Zeratha


    don't use it much myself so don't really know, but if you want into Don-des, there is a guide on the site that tells you how to connect very easily ^^
  7. Zeratha


    Not really a website per say, but "hub don-des" is a DC++ hub dedicated to peeing, been hanging around there for a while, so if ppl are curios about what i have to offer (or want to find stuff from other members) that's a place i can strongly suggest. just google for it, and you should find the webpage :D
  8. "Omorashi" should work if your looking for japanese wetting stuff, and the "standard" word for peeing is something like "Oshiko"
  9. Zeratha

    WD Girls

    have been chasing WDgirls videos for ages, they are some of the best ones out there, and most of the time a full video from the site will be split up in parts, wich makes the skimming easyer. I can understand why they have so much trouble with piracy, seeing as it's quite a expensive monthly fee compared to many other sites, but well worth it imo. And everywhere you go WDgirls videos is in high demand and rare. wich is both a shame and kinda good, somewhat makes them more intressting ^^

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