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    Literally everything watching others pee, peeing on myself in as many different ways as possible, reading about others wetting themselves and being able to share the experience with my partner
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    My boyfriend pissing inside me while we were having sex😍😍😍

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  1. It’s so much fun being able to share our interest with a partner. I’m also lucky as my boyfriend is really into it too. Xx
  2. I wish that men did it more often I love seeing it. The only problem I have with it is that people are more accepting of men doing it than women. We both have bladders that we need to empty and will do so eventually wether we like it or not. At the same time though it would take away some of the enjoyment of peeing outside for me because the naughtiness is a big part of why I enjoy it🤣
  3. My boyfriend asked me to sit on his face one time when I told him that I was desperate to pee. He just licked my clit while I releaved myself all over his face and he said that some pee went in his mouth but only small bits at a time. I know it’s not quite what you asked for as it doesn’t involve mixing it with something to drink the full piss but it might be worth a go. We both loved it. Xx
  4. Hi Everyone Me and my boyfriend are off on a dirty day out on Monday somewhere where people don’t know us. We’ve made a rule that neither of us is allowed to use the toilet from leaving the house to arriving back at the house later and we will be having a good few pints of lager while we’re out so we’re gonna need to pee quite often though. We’re hoping to try as much new stuff as possible and we’re fairly daring people especially when we’re doing it together. We have a few ideas already- 1. On the train 2. Tescos (only a small puddle for h
  5. Oh I will definitely be in touch I’m really adventurous and I think you will have some great ideas for new stuff to try😉
  6. I know that I’m really lucky not only to find someone who’s willing to give it a go but also enjoys it. I do think she might think different if she knew how much it intensifies orgasms though. I actually passed out from it one time 🤣
  7. WillAndSarah I would love to have a chat with you sometime. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in talking more. Xx
  8. I’m constantly reading about peeing heightening sexual arousal/pleasure (and don’t get me wrong it gets both me and my partner horny as hell) etc. In fact I enjoy every single aspect of it, the warm feeling soaking your clothes, the naughtiness of it, the amazing feeling of my pussy throbbing because I’m struggling to hold it in and the list goes on. But for me personally it’s much more than that. I was in an abusive relationship for 16 years, had 2 nervous breakdowns, lost my job in a school because I was groomed by a convicted peadopphile in between the 2 breakdowns and was a complete wreck.
  9. Hi. I’ve tried clicking on the above link but it’s not working. I also just realised that this post is a couple of years old now 😩. I’m very interested in selling photos and videos on this site so if it’s still something I could do please could you let me know how to go about it. Thanks
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