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  1. Hi! Welcome and thanks for following!

  2. wetty01


    vk.com is completely free of any virusses. Simply register with your mobile number. You never recieve any messages from vk.com except from activation of course.
  3. Hey @spurt20; are we the only "Dutchies" over here? :-p
  4. I have no idea... @Admin; that would be nice! @spurt20 ; heb je hem al gevonden ?
  5. Hallo vanuit Nederland, or in English: Hello from the Netherlands :wink:
  6. Last October after a relationship of 2 years my ex-girlfriend and myself decided to both go our own way. Even though i was still hurt about our relationship ending, i feel like it was all fake now and i have to move on. So, to make some sort of a introduction, here it is! My name is Wetty (real name you can get later). I am 25 years old and i am living in the Netherlands. I am looking for a girlfriend in between 18 (19) and 25! Distance doesn't quite matter but the best it would be if you come from Holland, or somewhere near. Who wants to share experiences? And maybe have a date sometime ? :) I hope this is allowed, otherwise i am sorry Mods... :$
  7. Another guy from the Netherlands here. And em... i'm looking for contacts so... (A) Normally i just go on the toilet, but also in the shower or when i'm in bath i let go. Also in the pool etc... :)
  8. Hoi, en welkom! :) Indeed there are more dutch people here, so feel free to send me a message if you'd like :)
  9. Hey Jess... please send me a message :)
  10. These are indeed very hot pictures! Thanks for posting! And i agree with d19841; that yellow haze when in the swimming pool makes me hard right away!
  11. very hot! thanks everybody :)

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