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  1. Ah a good classic of a site. I never could find the where the landing picture's full story was located so if anyone could help I'd be very grateful.
  2. I remember you from omorashi.org. Neat that you're here too.
  3. I saw your post on Amateur Voyeur Forum. As someone that posts often on the Just Made It thread this is very welcome indeed.
  4. Would there be any possibilities on having any wetting. Or are you just going to keep them nude?
  5. That's nice to know. I'd hate for someone to feel forced off from this site because of what happened.
  6. bpb

    Happy Birthday
  7. I would say, my favorite scenario would be the one where they're forced to wait right outside the bathroom. So close to relief, but having to wait for a few more minutes while someone else gets their's making it that much harder for them to hold it.
  8. Where did you find these? They're pretty nice.
  9. Aside from here, I do frequent omorashi.org a lot. It's pretty good if you enjoy more anime omo related things.
  10. Love how they can't wait their turn to pee. That's apparently how bad they needed to go.
  11. Love it when a girl can't hold it any longer and has to pee anywhere.
  12. That's an interesting though to have. I suppose that not needing to poop or pee would be extremely convenient to just about everyone. I guess as long as water stay readily available we can always indulge in our desires.
  13. That was a great story, I'm sorry for you gf though. That must have been humiliating.
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