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  1. Damn thats so hot! Is your stream pretty powerful? That would be crazy to hit the dashboard and even windshield from the backseat!
  2. Thank you! Yeah those girls did not care at all, rhey were just happy to relieve their bladders.
  3. Sequel to my earlier story, about Katelyn powerpissing in my car. A few months back, I took one of my little sister's friends on a drive with me to to watch her play soccer. This drive turned into a nightmare, when her friend, Katelyn, had to use the bathroom while we were stuck in traffic. She ended up having an accident in my car in quite a spectacular manner. Afterwards, we cleaned my car as best we could and swore to not tell anyone. 3 months later. "Come on, lets stop for some starbucks!" Said Madison. I grumbled but obliged. My little sister Madison had just finishe
  4. She definitely had a nice pee in there! Love you can kinda tell where she was squating and the spray pattern as she pissed.
  5. Fantastic stuff! Are there videos by chance?
  6. Thanks for the update. Does she also pee in her and your car? Would love to hear some stories of her peeing in the car!
  7. See if she can spray onto the windshield from the passenger seat.
  8. I was a big fan of "toilet car" on there. Lots of car pissing (and more lol) stories posted by that account.
  9. Damn, that girl had to pee! She should get in the passenger seat and give the dashboard and windshield a spray!
  10. How would like to piss on the car windshield? Sitting on the passenger seat and spraying up onto the dash and windshield? Or sit on the center console and let it rip?
  11. @epdreamgirl speaking about your fantasy about pissing on the windshield and dashboard. If you havent read them yet, you should check out my car piss stories i posted. They feature a girl doing exactly that! They are highly detailed and vulgar, quite erotic. I think you will enjoy them
  12. ***This story is another reposting from my old, deleted account. Please enjoy while i work on new ones! **I love feedback on these, so please let me know what you think! If you have any ideas for future stories as well drop them below 🙂 Contains: Powerpiss, messy piss, golden showers, self pee, piss wrecking of a car! I went to the zoo with my girlfriend Julia and her little cousin Erica. Julia and I are both 25, and have been dating for about 6 months. Julia is pretty short, with shoulder length dark brown hair with a blond ombre. She has tattoos on her left should and a nose p
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