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    I am 33 year old male who loves all aspects of pee especially peeing in places I shouldn’t and also being caught or watched

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    Pee is hot in many different ways and I love the naughtiness of it
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    Oh way to many but maybe chat about it in messages

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  1. This is a pic from a few months ago but took this while i was out with my mum who pulled over for me and the truck driver was asleep at the time
  2. Oh that’s a good question I don’t really know what you mean by special really
  3. I have seen these be done and they seem pretty fun. So ask me anything or if you would prefer you can ask me in messenger
  4. That’s really hot to hear. I love women who will just pee anywhere
  5. How many men get up and go outside to pee due to their morning wood? Does your partner allow it or encourage it?
  6. Yes I suppose when I pee outside or on something it can be for dominance as in us men can and will just pee anywhere but I also do it to enjoy it and for the freedom
  7. Hey there. I can’t message you would you be able to message me please. Would love to chat
  8. I lost our conversation would love to chat if you can message me and we can talk about it
  9. Wish I could have joined you and then pissed all over your house… as I am sure you like that
  10. Do we have any fellow golfers that love spending their time out on the golf course either drinking alcohol or any other drinks
  11. So at the weekend I was with my dad and we had been doing garden work and were having a few beers so he told me probably best we just pee in the garden… I saw a lot of him and we soaked some bushes and walls
  12. I always shake it after… would you like more detail of how I do it
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