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    Not much to say, created this after chatting with someone on Erome

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    The looks of it, watching someone pee
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    Well, haven't done much myself other than recording it once for someone and peeing on bathtub.

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  1. Wow, that second idea is incredibly hot! How would you like if after the person you're sittin on their lap felt it and said "Well, time to change your diapers" knowing it'd alll splash out?
  2. Hey ep, going to talk about your pics here since someone suggested to do so instead of flooding the pic thread with chatting. Would be fun if the sink had a plug so you could fill it and then plug out to see a whirlpool of piss! I loved your picture peeing on the floor! Makes me imagine how big the end puddle was, for me it'd be fun if I could sit on your pee puddle and pee on it ass well 😄 The one with diaper was also really hot! As always, thanks for sharing your pee journey!
  3. Are you sharing the view of the whole floor covered in piss? 😄
  4. Wow, that idea is quite good, another thing you could do is while standing hold the towel between your legs with one hand front and one back, once your pee got a nice amount before it gets all absorbed, pull both ends so the pissed on towel connects to your body and use both hands in a saw-like fashion while you pee on it grinding against you?
  5. While coming back home from the market, there was this place a bit darker and this dude apparently smoking, I looked down and saw a stream of piss, looked away as I was walking and left without further looking but that was an unexpected event.
  6. What if your employer kept your clothes in a wardrobe and the guys were playing Truth or Dare and someone got dared to piss on your working clothes? How would you react finding your work clothes like that?
  7. Interesting idea, what do you think the house would be like when they have friends over?
  8. If it's a whole household, imagine if he had two adult sons that inherited his habits? Pissing in walls, maybe even in each other's bed when they're trying to piss each other off! You'd spend your whole day cleaning piss
  9. Interesting, always fun to hear what "weirdo" ideas are around, would you still clean the piss if it was from his wife as well?
  10. Hello people, I'm considering receiving someone's items they have peed on, shipping would be within Germany, anyone have experiences they could share? Any way things could be the most anonymous as possible?
  11. I pee sitting so... I generally hold it with all hands to direct the tip somewhere
  12. Always use incognito but I leave my porn on a few folders pretty accessible.
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