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    I enjoy video games, my career, drinking at the bar and everything piss gets me horny asf, I piss myself for fun almost every day and when I get a chick to come over to fuck I always convince her to do a 69 piss. Needless to say I'm a simple man who just loves piss.

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    Everything about piss is awesome and I love diapers too.
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    Peed my diaper at my girlfriends family dinner and wore it around for another couple hours then changed into a clean one outside in their backyard, I put the dirty one in my car.

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  1. I get a massive sense of pleasure from peeing on myself
  2. I've realized now that I love to film myself peeing on my chest and I get really horny re-watching the videos. It makes me want to film myself more.
  3. I fit in kids diapers, I just use the pull-ups brand because they can never hold all of my pee
  4. I did it today talking to random strangers downtown but ill wear a diaper in public and let it overflow down my leg. Tip is wear loose black jeans
  5. I typically like to pee a tiny bit when talking to strangers
  6. So I've had a pee fettish for a long time. When I was around 13 I would take the diapers that my baby cousin would need when she visited and I would put them on and pee myself when nobody was home. I would hide the soaked diapers in the empty lot next to my house. As a 23 year old man I now pee myself for pleasure every day, I still wear diapers at home (I live alone now) and pee in them and it gets me so horny and im wearing one as I type this intermittently massaging my penis, edging myself and letting small amounts of pee into the already half full diaper while drinking many beers
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