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  1. The morning air was crisp and clear as Kayla pulled into the parking lot of the shopping centre, one of the biggest in Seattle. At this hour on a weekday the lot was nearly empty, but as Kayla had the day off she’d headed over with the intention of running a few errands. As she eased her car into a vacant space and turned off the engine, Kayla took a moment to appreciate the stillness of the parking lot in the early morning light before popping a couple of B vitamins into her mouth and washing them down with a few big gulps of water. She’d started taking them only a couple of days earlier to see if they’d help with her migraines – another helpful suggestion from Dr. Internet - but at this point it was too early to tell either way. Still, to be trying something new gave Kayla hope that they just might do the trick. At 26, Kayla looked the part of a young woman from the Pacific Northwest – athletic but curvy, clad in leggings and a lycra top, with a mane of chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes framed by thick-rimmed librarian glasses. Sitting there in her car, Kayla felt a tingle between her legs and was reminded that she had unfinished business to attend to; laying in bed that morning, she’d eagerly gone to work on herself with her fingers and had been on the cusp of what would no doubt have been an earth-shattering orgasm when her roommate had knocked on her door and she’d had to cut her pleasure short. Now, as she crossed the parking lot to the mall entrance, Kayla realized that the situation was more dire than she’d expected. While she’d initially planned to rush through her errands and get home promptly to finish herself off in private, the throbbing ache in her vagina told her otherwise. It would have to be somewhere in the mall – the more secluded, the better. Glancing at the back-lit map of the first floor near the mall entrance, she settled on one of the bigger clothing stores near the mall’s North end. At this hour, she thought, it was unlikely she’d encounter many people there, and the fitting rooms would serve her purposes perfectly. Within a couple of minutes Kayla had made it to her destination and was halfway across the showroom floor, heading briskly and purposefully for the fitting rooms, when she realized she had another equally urgent need to attend to. In her hurry that morning she’d neglected to empty her bladder, and now it bulged against the waistband of her leggings, full almost to the point of bursting. Desperately turned on though she was, Kayla had no intention of wetting herself before even getting the chance to cum properly. Veering left at the end of the clothing aisle, she arrived at the bathrooms but stopped short when she saw the chain across their entrance, and the “out of order” sign affixed to the wall nearby. Biting her lip and frowning, Kayla weighed her options. Could she wait until after she was done in the fitting room to find a different bathroom? As if in reply, her pussy tingled and she realized the choice was no longer hers to make. She headed for the fitting rooms, grabbing a cashmere sweater from a nearby rack as she went. The fitting room attendant looked bored, and Kayla didn’t blame her; days like these probably didn’t bring much to the table in terms of excitement for the store’s staff. The attendant looked at Kayla’s sole item of clothing – one which, in truth, Kayla had no intention of even trying on – and handed her a plastic placard with a large number “1” printed on it. “Let me know if I can help you with anything,” she called after Kayla in a tone that didn’t seem especially convincing. Arriving at the end of the row of otherwise empty fitting rooms, Kayla settled into the one on the right hand side, as far from the attendant’s place at the end of the hall as she could manage. Hanging the sweater and the placard on the clothing hook set into the wall, she surveyed the tiny room; half the floor space was covered in thick white carpet, with laminate flooring covering the other half. A full-length mirror ran up the wall opposite the doorway, and a small bench sat against one of the side walls, opposite the wall with the clothing hook. Closing the heavy curtain behind her, Kayla revelled in her relative seclusion. Her chest heaving, nipples hard under her shirt, she spun around and perched herself on the bench, drawing her knees up on either side to stretch the material of her leggings across her soaked and quivering pussy. Rubbing a finger up and down the length of her slit, even over top of her leggings, sent shock waves through Kayla’s body, and she wasted no time in yanking her leggings and panties to her knees, exposing her unshaved pussy and tight asshole to the relative chill of the outside world. Glancing down, Kayla delighted in seeing how red and swollen her pussy lips were, engorged and trembling as they awaited her fingers. Snaking down with two fingers to massage her throbbing clit, Kayla sucked on the index finger of her free hand before slipping it into her asshole, and the world around her dissolved into nothing as she shuddered, quivering with ecstasy. As waves of pleasure roiled through her, the ache in her bulging bladder broke through momentarily, and Kayla stifled a squeal. Powerless to rein things in at this point, she could only rub her swollen, slippery clit harder as small rivulets of pussy juice ran across her taint to her puckered anus, making her finger slick as she continued to work it eagerly in and out. Within moments, every nerve fibre in Kayla’s body seemed to be on fire, and she shuddered and groaned as an earth-shaking orgasm ripped through her. Her red, swollen pussy lips heaved and contracted, slick with cum, and she grunted with satisfaction before slumping back against the wall. Still trembling slightly, Kayla was suddenly snapped out of her reverie by a wave of pain from her distended bladder, and in that moment she realized that she had pushed things too far. Whether she liked it or not, she was about to let loose with an enormous and absolutely non-negotiable piss. Her tortured bladder muscles had begun to give way, and despite being in a public fitting room of all places, Kayla could only gasp, hoist her knees up and drop her legs to the sides as a thick torrent of bright yellow piss exploded from between her still-swollen pussy lips, arcing downward to splash noisily on the white fitting room carpet. Looking down at the waterfall of urine cascading out of her, Kayla felt her face turn red as she saw how vividly yellow it was, almost certainly the work of the vitamins she’d started taking. Any hope of using the excuse of a spilled water bottle to explain the mess, she realized, was gone; as the thick arcing torrent of yellow piss continued to spray forcefully out of her slippery, engorged pussy, she knew that there would be no question on anyone’s mind as to what was now saturating and pooling across the white carpet, spreading onto the white laminate floor beyond in the form of an ever-larger yellow puddle. Trying desperately to stop pissing, Kayla realized she couldn’t fight the contractions of her exhausted bladder, and could only groan and let out a heaving sigh as the torrent of urine from her hairy cunt continued to wash noisily across the carpet and floor. Shocked and embarrassed though she was, the feeling of relief in Kayla’s bladder was immense, and she realized she’d begun to piss even harder. In the mirror she could see her swollen urethra, fat and glistening between her sopping wet pussy lips, as it opened wide to accommodate the thick yellow jet of pee still hissing noisily against the soaked carpet. After uncontrollably pissing onto the fitting room floor for what must have been close to thirty seconds, Kayla was finally able to clamp down her bladder muscles and interrupt the geyser of urine cascading out of her heaving wet cunt. Breathing heavily, her bladder aching slightly under the weight of the impressive amount of piss still bottled up inside her, she surveyed the damage and felt her heart sink. A full three quarters of the floor was saturated with bright yellow pee, so deep on some parts of the carpet that a sheen of piss had pooled on top. The yellow puddle extending onto the laminate floor was huge, steaming slightly in the chilly air of the fitting room as it spread toward the doorway. Kayla yanked her panties back into place over her swollen pussy, still slippery with piss and a few remaining streaks of cum, and stood up, her leggings around her knees. She’d have to make a pretty prompt exit if she stood any chance of not being caught. As she continued to peer at the ungodly mess on the floor, however, any hope of salvaging the situation slipped away, and she reconsidered the urge still tugging at her bladder. ‘Fuck it, I guess I’m all in now,’ Kayla thought, and with a resigned sigh she bent slightly forward, pulling her panties to the side and spreading her ass and pussy apart with both hands. She grunted with satisfaction as a thick jet of urine parted her glistening pussy lips and sprayed directly backwards against the wall behind her, her ass cheeks spread wide as she marvelled at how badly she still needed to go. The torrent of pee formed a yellow waterfall as it coursed down the wall to the floor where the laminate section met the carpet, sloshing outward as the massive puddle on the floor continued to grow. After a few more seconds, Kayla dropped into a squat and watched as her hot piss sprayed directly downward, hissing and frothing against the carpet. Sensing that the tank was finally almost empty, she groaned and pushed as a few more generous jets of pee hissed out of her swollen, quivering pussy. Finished at last, Kayla sighed with relief, taking a moment to catch her breath as the enormous puddle of cooling yellow piss continued to spread. As she gathered up her belongings and left the fitting room, Kayla glanced over her shoulder and stifled a gasp. Behind her, a telltale yellow puddle had begun to spread outward from the doorway of her fitting room and was now halfway across the hall to the fitting room opposite. To think that all this had happened as a result of needing to cum so badly; Kayla couldn’t believe it, still trying to process what had just occurred. She’d masturbated in fitting rooms once or twice in the past, but never before copiously and forcefully relieving herself all over the floor. No, this was definitely a first. Kayla felt her cheeks glow red as she speed-walked past the fitting room attendant, thrusting over the untouched cashmere sweater and number placard without making eye contact. Out of the corner of her eye, she could just see the attendant’s eyes narrow in confusion as she looked down the hallway toward Kayla’s now-ruined fitting room. This was all the encouragement Kayla needed as she sped out of the fitting room area and back toward her car. As she sat down in the driver’s seat, she had to admit that she actually felt pretty good; her pussy and bladder were both thoroughly satisfied, as the sheer volume of cum and piss in her wrecked fitting room clearly showed. Still, this had been a weird morning to say the least; her errands, it seemed, would have to wait for another day.
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