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  1. Sooo hot! What a rush!! That must have felt amazing 😊
  2. Are there any study’s in the dorm? Our uni had some study rooms that were carpeted and had tables, sofas, etc. it’s perfect for a nonchalant pee. Move a chair, kneel down and let a little out. See how you feel about things. Looking back now, I missed out on a lot of opportunities. Hehe. If you stay super hydrated, there isn’t much left behind except for a lovely puddle to air dry.
  3. Hi! And welcome to the community! See you around 🙂
  4. The idea of it is hot, and though I enjoy seeing someone pee in their car, the reality of peeing in my own car and the cleaning/extraction involved makes it less appealing. I like a clean, nicely detailed car. I’ve been tempted a few times in rental cars, but I could never bring myself to do it knowing someone has to detail it before the next customer. I would feel for the next customer. I rented a car on a trip that someone clearly peed in the back seat and on the floor. When the car got hot in the sun, it smelled like a hot piss box, and was just not a pleasant experience.
  5. I really enjoy seeing a woman do that. It is super sexy ☺️. It’s being able to see what’s happening during the pants wetting that makes it sexy for me.
  6. Its up there for me as one if the hottest positions to see a girl pee. Nice to learn it also feels good!
  7. I pee while snowboarding just about every trip. I typically sneak off into the trees and unzip there. Being cold and having a full bladder is just not an enjoyable feeling for me while snowboarding. But I’d rather pee in the woods or off to the side of the slope than go to the lodge, gear down and find a restroom.
  8. Absolutely love it. Something about the sound, the puddle forming, and the deliberate naughtiness just does it for me; both watching someone else and letting go a full bladder myself.
  9. Yesss. Monster revive. Great choice.. also an amazing diuretic 😉 especially when fully hydrated!!
  10. Woah!! This is quite sexy 🙂 thanks for sharing!
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