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    Married for a long time now but still love this world of pissing and playing

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    Playing with pee
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  1. I wish I was invited to the Christening .... nice
  2. Last week I was working and was so busy that I did not bother to go to pee until in the afternoon I was so full that it become an emergency to pee there and then .....
  3. https://www.erome.com/i/hLDX3l2c I already posted some pictures from this video but I think seeing the action is more mmmmm
  4. Who never have the urge of peeing while at work? Not everybody has the option of going to the rest room though. I try to find a portable toilet to bleed off my pressure.
  5. Thanks, I am enjoying yes and hope to contribute the best I can😍😍
  6. I did have fun yes, actually I have fun everytime I go to pee 👍
  7. Wife is 59 yo. I would say she lets out small amounts of pee but very frequent
  8. I have never counted the time but longer than usual sure. Mind you this does not happen an a daily basis.
  9. Yes she was pregnant four times. During the night she wakes up to go for a pee whereas I never do and in the morning sometimes she wet her pantries while dashing to the WC. During the day she do not seem to dash to the toilet but she can pee three times in an hour especially if we are going out.
  10. From experience I do hold on to my pee for 8 to 12 hours on occasions and when I get home or to a place where I can pee I let go quite a long one. My wife goes to pee whenever she see the toilet, so often that sometimes I think something is not right with her.
  11. Had to go for a pee while sitting at work, instead I did it in a plastic cup next to my desk
  12. Running around with a half full bladder to find this plastic cup waiting for me, enjoyed filling it up.

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