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  1. nice cap from my video haha. i can try to send something better than that if you want 😛
  2. Lol im afraid this pic makes me look bigger than i am, like almost normal sized
  3. I use stall 90% of the time. Not that I think anyone looks when I use urinals, it is just tricky to do. Sitting makes more sense for my size.
  4. Oh thanks, this helps! I didn't really know what it meant before when it was mentioned. I can think about some of this. Wetting might be easiest? Not sure though. I'll think about it!
  5. Yeah anyone can save or repost me however/wherever they want. I just like to know so DM me if ya do! (That message goes for anyone 🙂)
  6. Yeah some, like normally i pull the head out a bit so it doesn't spray all over. even when im sitting.
  7. I'm half hard here, FYI. You can sorta see me grow even just from the beginning of this vid.
  8. Hey, yeah. And I normally pull it out enough to avoid all that mess. I was just sorta showing what would happen. Someone asked tbh. Lol
  9. Girls are surprised by other parts of it more. I guess the sitting part isn't that odd to them lol
  10. Obviously I usually sit to pee. Then I still gotta fish it out so it doesn't spray like that. When guys see me it's maybe the craziest part to some of them about how tiny I am. Just bc it's such a different deal than hitting the urinal lol. Even as I describe it, it's still sorta hard to get until you see it sorta haha
  11. Haha nice. Are there a bunch of guys on the site who like doing what people tell them to show then? Like who love doing requests I guess.
  12. Do you wanna see it because you think that's a really hot feeling when you do it or because its a fun thing to see someone obey for you? Lol sorry for all the questions. Peefans is new to me 😆
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