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  1. I think you missunderstand...this was a real accident and its NOT fun at all.
  2. Today 27/11 2022 a big wetting accident happened and it felt really embarrassing. Normally when I am out I use to wear an adult pullup diaper incase an accident would happens with my urgency incontinence but this time I had run out of diapers and was forced to be without one. I could hold me all the time when I was out but when I came home to my apartment then it happened. I couldnt hold it and my new cottonpants, my underwear, my socks was soaked wet and I had to take them all off and dry them. This has happened many times before and it felt same embarrasing everytime.
  3. I use to masturbate in my diapers but dont know if its naughty or not.
  4. I have diaperfetish as mmy fetish and have a good reason having it.
  5. Having incontinence is not always bad and embarrassing. I can drench them ruthlessly for my own pleasure. Peeing in SAP-diapers with tiny jellybeans within it is a pure pleasure and I can pee much longer and more times in one and same diaper than I could do in previous diapers. I these pics below an american K2 InspireSuper has to meet its destiny in my ruthless peesports.
  6. Thanks...I have written another topic to called my diaper journey.
  7. Hi I am a male 53 years old that all since my childhood have had a neurologic disability that affects my bodys movements and balance. I also have urgency incontinence that is NOT a disability in itself but it is very common together with neurologic disabilities. Its embarrassing and no one knows what it is. I have been taken by four security guards and policemen because of missunderstanding and unknown.
  8. Hi I have very heavy urinary incontinence as a part of a neurologic disability and have more than 30 years experience of how to make diapers really soaked. During years I have peed in both swedish and american diapers and both pull up diapers and day/night diapers. Many of my panties have been destroyed becayse I have wet myself unaware.
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