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  1. So I posted a couple weeks ago about my girl and I going to a restaurant,and how she peed on the floor right at our table. Well, on Saturday we went back to the same establishment, and she went for the gusto. It was quite packed since it was karaoke night. The patio where we were sitting was empty when we arrived around 6, but an hour or two later,and our entire area was packed. So what! After her 3rd mojito, she started by peeing twice right at our table. Then before her third pee i realized we had a huge empty glass on the table , so i put it under her ass and told her to go. She f
  2. So its been about a year since i brought up the slight curiosity i had with peeing with my girlfriend. We started with puppy pads in the house but i wanted her to venture out further. So we decided to go to a restaurant with patio seating. Once we got there, i had a few whiskeys and she was drinking mojitos and lots of water. Mind you, she was wearing a small dress with no underwear underneath. Once the drinks kicked in, she gave me that look, and i knew it was time. She put her head down and i started to hear faint droplets of pee hitting the patio faux grass carpet. Little did i
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