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  1. Andrei

    After cum Pee.

    yes fannywatcher, I also get that feeling at times. Tho, sometimes after sex, it is rather difficult to aim properly. My gf often teases about how long does it take to start peeing :)
  2. Andrei

    peeing after sex

    My gf usually pees after sex too
  3. Recently, I have been working well away from my partner. It is difficult to get back home often and have sex with my partner. Where I am working, there is a very sexy woman, who is several years younger than myself. We have got to chatting over the last few months, and recently started flirting with each other. Things recently came to a head, when, both being very horny, I asked her for a BJ, in return for eating her out. She agreed, however, when it came time to do it, we did more than that. We started off with masturbation and oral, and ended up fucking. I know technically we both cheated (she also has a partner), but we both really enjoyed it, and would to it again. I am interested in other people's thoughts...
  4. Andrei

    Pee AT the pool

    I have peed several times AT the pool. Often in the shower. Sometimes I shower with my swimming trunks on, mostly with them off. Sometimes people can see, whether they know or not, I don't care :D I also have peed in the changing area. Some places they are cubicles, sometimes open areas. I have never peed at the side of the pool though
  5. bpb

    Happy Birthday
  6. I have had experience of it, not THAT long ago (certainly post 2000!) up in Scotland! Like you I found it to be a bastard to flush, but having said that I was never overly bothered as I only encountered it in public toilets. I did, about 2-3 years ago encounter something similar in London, this was in the "public" toilet in a warehouse. I think it was designed like that, as it was easier to slowly pump water back into the cistern and then let gravity "force" the water down and around the bowl to clean everything away :)
  7. Andrei

    Panties pulled to one side.

    I've had a few quickies, where I've just pulled my cock out through the fly of my undies and pants, and pulled the girl's skirt up and panties to the side (if she was wearing any). If she was wearing trousers, then they usually get pulled down far enough for me to get at her pussy and her penties either get pulled down, or just to the side
  8. Andrei

    Panties or Knickers?

    UK uses same usage as Australia, though there are a LOT of people in the UK starting to use the American usage.... so it is super confusing. I alternate between using knickers or panties. Just depends how I feel :D
  9. I've seen a few girls pee. One of the naughtiest I've seen was on a train. It was late at night and the train toilet was out of order (typical!). The girl looked rather deperate and was doing everything she could to stop from peeing. There was only about half a dozen people in the carriage. Where she was sitting I was the only one who could see her (though I was pretending to be asleep). She scooted forwards on the seat, so her skirt rose up from under her bum, then when she was sufficiently uncovered, she let rip with a huge piss all over the floor. The other was after a party, I was walking home with a group of people, and one of the firls was obviously getting more and more desperate to pee. In the end it was just the two of us left, and as we walked past (what turned out to be a school) there was a gate open in the fence, she went in, and I followed. She crouched on the playground and peed on some of the play equipment.
  10. Andrei

    Two Members Missing

    JesseP, I think to some people it is the fact it is so tabboo. I mean most people think peeing/watersports is odd/tabboo. Different horses for different courses as they say. We just have to accept that some people are into other things, some of which is (by and large) seen as disgusting and wrong.
  11. Andrei

    where are you

    Hello to Holland
  12. Andrei

    Pee drinking

    hehe yea.
  13. Andrei

    Pee drinking

    For YOU or the guys? ;)
  14. Andrei

    Pee drinking

    You are free to drink my piss any time @loveangel12 Do you like to drink straight from the source?