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  1. That’s so hot to think about. I would love to wake up to find somebody so desperate that they can’t even make it out of the bedroom to pee. I would of course encourage them to just do what they needed to do (and offer to help aim if applicable), 🙂
  2. Love this! I’ve only ever aimed my guy outside and in the shower. If I were ever to aim him in the bathroom, I think I would be too tempted to “accidentally” send it astray. “Oops! Dribbled on the floor. Oh dear, sprayed the wall! Shucks, splashed on the bathmat… »
  3. https://www.xvideos.com/video66993901/pee_desperation_and_joi_countdown
  4. I know of a video like that on xvideos. (Drea is the name of the star, I believe.) She does a JOI with a countdown and then pisses all over the floor at the end.
  5. I am wondering if anyone has found any videos (or audio porn) that feature somebody encouraging the viewer/listener to piss. I've found a few here and there, but they all seem to have disappeared or not really be what I'm looking for. For example, there are several dominatrix-style ones that feature a woman demanding that the [presumably male] viewer wet himself for humiliation. Humiliation is not my thing. There was one that I found a long time ago that no longer seems to exist, but it was labelled as erotic ASMR and featured a guy sultrily whispering into a microphone, inviting th
  6. Last night, I had a dream that I was riding a train, and there was a young woman in the same car as me who was pacing back and forth, moaning about how badly she had to pee and becoming increasingly panicked that she wouldn’t be able to hold it. I politely asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap and let go. I pointed out to her that I was wearing dark yoga pants that would hide the wetness well. To my surprise, she seemed beyond eager to seize this opportunity. She hurriedly thanked me, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me closer to her as she straddled my lap. She sighed deeply into my
  7. I guess for me, it’s hot either way as long as the release is pleasurable and not shameful. I don’t like embarrassment. I would want it to be obvious that it feels super good for him (either from the vocalisations he’s makes or the look of relief on his face).
  8. Let's say you and a partner/friend/whatever were interested in a day of naughty peeing. Would you find it fun for them to tell you where to go? I love knowing what turns people on, so I would probably find it very exciting for someone to give me instructions, like "I want to watch you pee all over the carpet." Followup question: would you find it fun if they surprised you with places to pee? I feel like it would be fun to blindfold a guy and lead him to different places in the house, pull his dick out, and tell him to start peeing. I would aim it so that he could just relax. He woul
  9. One fantasy I have is to hold a guy's dick as he desperately pees in a naughty location. Maybe we're driving home after a day out, and he's in the car squirming and whining about how badly he has to go. I tell him to just hold on a little longer until we get home and keep reminding him how good it is going to feel when he can finally let go. By the time we get home, he is struggling to hold on and can barely get out of the car. He stumbles up the steps to the front porch and fidgets on the spot while I take my time finding the keys. After what seems like an eternity to him, I open th
  10. This chapter features a lot of naughty female peeing. Naturally, Liv invited me to join her for her shower. We were both on such a high from what had just happened that we couldn't stop making out. She was absolutely delicious. I couldn't stop running my hands up her body as the water poured over us. Once we had dried up and gotten dressed, we curled up on the couch downstairs. "So..." I began. "Do you really just... piss all over your house?" She grinned shyly, but there wasn't even a trace of a blush. "Sort of. I've just started. I was inspired on the day that I moved in
  11. I did. 🙂 Before I had decided to hold, I was cleaning the house. I had this doormat that I wanted to clean, so I brought it into the bathroom and placed it in the bathtub. Inspired, I opted to squat on the side of the bathtub and pee on it. I didn't realize how much I actually had to go, so that was a nice surprise. I watched the pee splatter all across the fabric and decided that that would not be my last naughty pee of the day. I started drinking water steadily as I kept cleaning. In total, I drank over a litre. After about two hours, of squirming and bouncing on my heels, I decide
  12. First time posting in this thread... I have the house to myself today, and I'm not feeling well, so I'll need to make sure that I stay hydrated. 😉 I just drank about a litre of water and am feeling like some naughty peeing may be in the cards.
  13. This chapter contains lesbian sexual experiences and naughty peeing. --------------------------------- I stared dumbly at the circle of towels on the ground, watching as the growing puddle seeped into the fabric. Olivia and I had just pissed in the middle of her kitchen. Her idea. She had encouraged me... she had watched me... My head was positively spinning, but what was far more pressing was the dampness in between my legs that rivalled the dampness of the towels on the floor. I needed to take care of it. Immediately. In a haze, I stumbled up the stairs to Olivia's bedroo
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