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    I went on a hike, while wearing no underwear and peed right next to the trail while watching two hikers in the far off distance

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  1. I’m at a desperation level of about 4/10, but instead of relieving myself I just drank a huge glass of water. Going to see how long I can hold out.
  2. It’s so great you made her feel so comfortable to create this extremely hot experience. Are you going to meet up with her again?
  3. I’ve LOVED reading other peoples stories, so I thought I’d share when I felt the most desperate need to pee ever. I was driving home from being out of town and needed to pee. I was stuck in traffic and the urge kept building. I knew if I tried to go to a public toilet I would pee myself before I got there. So I pulled over and took off my underwear. Luckily, I was wearing a dress that day, so I pulled it up around my waist. I managed to find a cup in my car and tried to pee in it, but it kept spilling and overflowing. I didn’t really want to have to deal with a completely so
  4. Earlier today I was about to have a shower and also needed to pee. Usually I just go while I’m in the shower and the water is running, but today I tried something different. I squatted in the corner of the shower before I turned the water on and peed for about 40 seconds. It almost covered the entire shower floor. I then turned the shower on and watched it all drain away before actually showering. It was way better doing it this way, and I think this will now be a regular part of my routine.
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