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    I am a Transgender-Female, but I'm no longer transitioning.

    I've come to accept me as someone different.

    I identify as Non-binary, but I actually use He/Him pronouns.

    My top 2 subjects I will find on this site are:
    Shemales peeing and girls that can stand to pee.

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    I'm someone that likes to be in the woods. With that being said: pee can be used to warm you.
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    Before I had proposed to my first fiancé (and one of the reasons I did propose)one night at my apartment I got her to stand on each side of the bathtub, above me laying in the tub, once she had good balance, she went ahead and peed on me.

    I say this is the one for right here because:

    It was my first experience with pee, well with someone else participating, and I also hardly knew her.

    She was still awesome about it. 🥰

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  1. Hi and welcome to the site
  2. Yeah. So many times the bathroom would be occupied. Plus! I love peeing where it's not normal or "allowed"
  3. This is from one of my favorite porn videos. She has a pretty smile at the end.
  4. I really luv seeing the different sides to this topic. All y'all are great! 👍
  5. You've made some great points. And I also like seeing a girl peeing squatting.
  6. I don't think it's any different than any other product on a shelf. If anything it could be your way of supporting the Trans movement or the Drag entertainers. You're just putting yourself in their shoes?
  7. I'm wondering what y'all think of women being able to pee standing with these new products out now. Maybe some feel less of a man or most are all for it? I'll start with how I feel. To be honest, I'm all for these products. Not only do thing help women, but help Trans-Men who haven't under gone any surgeries, as well.
  8. Those are all great! I haven't seen a lot of them, or the videos that some of them are from, in a long time. Really nice getting a chance to walk down memory lane, drenched in golden rain.
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