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    I’m a 28 year old straight male that is from the Midwest. Have absolutely loved pee ever since an ex girlfriend first experimented by going in my mouth. Haven’t had a ton of experience from that point but I fantasize about girls using my mouth as their toilet and being dominated in that way, as well as open to experimenting with any ideas you can think of. Let’s discuss 😈

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    BDSM, drinking pee
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    Laying down in the shower while she squatted directly above my mouth and made me take her full bladder. I loved tasting and feeling the warm juices go down my throat as I swallowed over and over until she was all done

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  1. Okay, so dirtiest fantasy I have I wanted to share and hear your thoughts / see if anybody has tried something similar or think this would be as hot as I do.. I want to try being used by a female for a 24 hour period, dominated. Basically, spending 24 hours together (or any pre planned amount of time) and letting them use my mouth as their toilet for fresh pee every single time they need to go, and I am not allowed to refuse. I wanna be made to open wide and lay down as she squats over my mouth and releases. I want to be made to swallow as fast as she can let it gush out to see if
  2. Have you ever had someone clean up for you/gone in their mouth before? Or have you been too shy? If you are really desperate to go and have two fingers deep inside you fingering your hard, it tends to just come out every time😜
  3. Definitely love to have fun! I’m very open to trying things and love to experiment. I wouldn’t say that she shares the fetish unfortunately as much as me anyways, but she was pretty inexperienced sexually at first and she’s come along way. She’s not afraid to pee in the shower with me and knows she pees often when she is cumming and she’s okay with it and opening up to it more though! I didn’t plan for it to be full that time, but it was 😈 I like the idea of trying the same thing when she’s desperate to pee from the start though. Preferably with her on top so I can catch it all in my mouth 😋
  4. Right?! I agree. I loved making her wait, I think I spent about 45 minutes to an hour just building her up before she got to let it out. I think it’s soo hot when girls can’t help but piss themselves because they lose control cumming 😈
  5. My only suggestion would be making sure that whoever is doing the peeing is very hydrated to start! Wait until it’s 100% clear, and add a splash of pineapple juice to a glass 🙂 there are most likely some foods / things you can consume beforehand that might make it taste better or less strong. I prefer just straight hot pee, but has to be nice and clear. I miss swallowing so much. Want to be degraded and do some degrading of my own again soon 😋 cheers!
  6. My girlfriend and I two nights ago we’re laying in bed and totally relaxed, wasn’t assuming she was in the mood at all. She started to rub my cock and I started with her clit. We massaged each other for along time to build up the tension (we like to edge each other / not allow climax). One thing led to another, and the end result was my fingers deep up her pussy and my cock down her throat in a 69 position with me on top. I made her wait and wait and finally let her finish while my cock was buried in her throat and she surprised me with a HUGE stream of hot pee that just kept coming. I opened
  7. Hi! I’m wondering if you have ever fantasized about peeing in someone’s mouth or having someone pee in your mouth? Have you ever tried it? Never thought that I would have been into it until I tried it for the first time.
  8. Just looking to find some people who share the love of pee to discuss it with! I haven’t had many partners that have shared the fetish with me, so I just want to hear from people who do. Happy to be here and thanks for the welcome!
  9. Looking to meet others who share a similar obsession with pee - let’s discuss:) women only. Read profile for detailed descriptions of my fantasies
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