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    I am an athletic trades man who loves to work with his hands and loves to workout and fish.

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    Naughty peeing, wetting, videos
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    On Omegle I found a girl who shared an interest in sending pee vids. Ever since then we have been sending the notes pee vids I have seen back and forth.

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  1. Welcome. You will find a lot of welcoming people into the same stuff.
  2. Wow very nice. Welcome to the club
  3. There was this time I was out camping with my class only 2 years ago. We went out in the woods and it really was the bare minimum we could bring with us. One of the tasks we needed to do was find a bathroom spot. They wanted a place not to far from the site but far enough that we wouldn’t smell it. Well in the middle of the second night there was this girl who peed and it was loud. Like super loud. So ofc that made me need to pee so u went to the spot just off to the side so it wouldn’t be akward. The 2 of us kinda talked to eachother during school but not much. The whole time I was tying to
  4. Welcome to the club. I think a bunch of us can help with ideas for new things
  5. I was looking to meet others with pee kinks. This was the first site that seemed legit and only about pee. So now I’m here to stay
  6. Hey everyone. I’m a 19 male from canada. I am a little new to the pee kink. So far I am loving vids of others peeing, sending vids or me peeing, and wetting clothes. If anyone wants to chathit me up
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