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    Hi I’m a shy introverted girl who loves to pee Please don’t ask about social media or pictures

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    Just ask me I was raised to never pee in the toilet because it’s a waste of money and water

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  1. Hello everyone, it’s Michael back here again, and I’m writing this the day after the baby shower. I spent all week cleaning my room since my mom force me to do so. It’s very hard to do so when your mother and sister pee like racehorses in your already pee stain room. Today in the morning, Naomi walks in while I'm watching some Hunter X Hunter, and she sits next to me. After a couple of episodes, she pulled her pants off, exposing her pale, firm but jiggly big ass. As she laid back down, bottomless as I could see perfect barbie pussy. She turns her godly bottom lips facing me as she begin
  2. Yes since some of them go home or somewhere else put some sport games and have a menu of good drinks and food and no one will never leave your bar
  3. She said I was the first one to have guts to do it openly
  4. Well one of the guys from my bf group said women sucked at peeing standing so I when into the male’s restroom in front of guys and peed through my jean zipper onto the metal through
  5. She was very great full for the business and plus she told us that many males had piss their before
  6. It makes more sense if your a business owner since less time leaving to the restroom more time drinking and spending money like the middle aged Chinese woman
  7. It was when on vacation with my boyfriend and we in china in this hole in a wall bar but bartender was very friendly middle aged lady my boyfriend studied Chinese in Highschool and college since he wanted to communicate with grandparents so we where their drinking I was pretty drunk and needed to pee so I left my skirt move panties to the side and began pee against the bar my boyfriend was apologizing for my actions and the nice said to not worry about it since many people have done that before and when girls gotta go they gotta go. My boyfriend laughed and later he pulled out his big cock an
  8. I have pissed in one to prove a point Yes I have always wondered what those drain at bars where for
  9. I feel that it would be clean by someone. I think they would put a metal sheet to protect the wood work
  10. It makes sense most articles says it was spitting tobacco but why did it have a plumbing system their obviously for pee
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