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    Hi I’m a shy introverted girl who loves to pee Please don’t ask about social media or pictures

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    Just ask me I was raised to never pee in the toilet because it’s a waste of money and water

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  1. This story is inspired by My Room used as Toilet from Sister if you haven’t read, it go ahead and read it. It is a fun time, you won’t be disappointed. This story will include naughty peeing, vandalism, carpet pee, humiliation, and bed-wetting Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I live with my parents and my picture perfect younger sister. She’s 18 years old just and just graduated from high school with honor roles. She’s practically a goddess with her curly blonde hair, her large green eyes, and her superb heart-shaped plump lips. As you look down, you’ll see her gravity defying
  2. When I was younger me and my friends were playing hide and seek and I found a good dark spot outside and I had to so I squat down and begin peeing bad thing my stream has always been powerful so it was loud I got caught but I had relief.
  3. That sounds wonderful can’t wait to see the final result
  4. I find myself wanting to write a story with someone like a Roleplay pee theme does anyone also like this side of the fetish?
  5. I hold it in for 11 hrs and I held in 2.5L
  6. My record of Holding is 10 hrs but never again it’s very painful
  7. Yes I did or sometimes I would squat in the parking lot
  8. People who have big bladders like me do you enjoy having it? I enjoy and not because ya I can hold a lot of pee and it looks like a fountain when it comes out but the struggles are that it takes time to finish a pee my longest pee was 3:30 minutes and it was around 56 oz. I gained my big bladder due to genetics (I guess my ancestors where vikings lol 😂) and work I.T and chefs assistant both jobs requiring me to hold it. I would get into my car pull my pants down and piss a river by the end of my shift.
  9. Today update: Day 4 11-10-22 So last night I decided to help my friend shave her hairy vagina since she hasn’t shaved since she got injured. So we where in bathroom in her shower we had a plastic wrap on her cast. I started to shave her and like a minute later she started peeing a wide stream on my hands she started to giggle and said “ my pussy is thanking you for the shaved”. She only peed for 15 seconds and I finished shaving her and showering her we put our hoodies on and when to bed as we sleeping I heard a quiet but long hiss it was my friend peeing in her sleep as she finished I q
  10. An Innie vagina is when your lips are labia ( or lips) don’t stick out so your lips are tucked in other names can be a barbie pussy or looks like a seashell here is pic to better describe it the one the left is a outie and the one on the right is innie (what I have)
  11. Having a huge bladder is a blessing but a struggle at the same time
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