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    Hi I’m a shy introverted girl who loves to pee Please don’t ask about social media or pictures

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    All kind of pee
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    Just ask me I was raised to never pee in the toilet because it’s a waste of money and water

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  1. 50 years in prison 😭 do I at least get to pee freely around the prison?
  2. 1. like flowers Once, there was a world where the act of peeing was a thing of beauty. For women, they could answer the call of nature without being embarrassed. Every time they voluntarily released their waste, the smell was sweet and light, like freshly picked flowers. This world was filled with many adventures and possibilities, as the scent of pee gave women the courage to explore far and wide. The sweet smell of urine gave all people confidence in conversation, physical activity, and social activities. It was an irresistible aroma, and it was the secret to success. When a woman polite
  3. Unfortunately I broke up with him but he didn’t like me pissing in his mouth
  4. I would like to have the power of super speed so it be easier to travel places
  5. I prefer commando but when I do wear panties its thongs my favorite color is orange
  6. So I always pee before leaving my house now as a adult as a kid and teen I would just let it go in my mom’s car
  7. Once upon a time, there was a magical world where women were allowed complete freedom to pee wherever and whenever they liked. In this world, the pee was so clean and pure that it was seen as a blessing, a special kind of miracle. Those who drank from it experienced a kind of divine feeling, and those who bathed in it were said to feel rejuvenated and energised. The women of this world were free to pee wherever and whenever they pleased, with no need to worry about society's judgments. No one gave them so much as a sideways glance when they peed in the streets, in the parks, or along the
  8. This a new option your my brother/sister I broke both arms so I need help wiping and peeing are mom and dad are going on vacation and their Rich we live in a mansion were spoiled princess or prince. So are parents allowed me to pee anywhere your allowed to join as well we’re allowed to pee all over the estate
  9. I’m such a big fan of professional wrestling its always been my dream to step in the ring at a wwe event and win the wwe women’s championship. I wonder if other peefans have this share passion
  10. Hello everyone it’s Abby here how y’all doing? I just wanted to write a few sentences here and give thanks to all the amazing staff members, content creators, story writer’s and I could continue to thank many more but the list would go on and on. I mostly been struggling with depression before I found this website not to say im not struggling now but it’s way better than it use to be. Sometimes when people you love pass away it hurts but I think of it as I’m thankful we had them here on earth and we should take some of the knowledge they provided us to continue on this beautiful cycle of life.
  11. I leave since it’s kinda my favorite pee spot
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