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    Hi I’m a shy introverted girl who loves to pee Please don’t ask about social media or pictures

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    All kind of pee
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    Just ask me I was raised to never pee in the toilet because it’s a waste of money and water

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  1. Can you dm it doesn’t let me for some reason
  2. Yes the toilet is a pain in the ass it’s such a waste of water If you ever want chat im always available
  3. Yes since she was my cheer co captain she knew about my peeing for a while now
  4. Yes that’s my whole thing I’m almost never desperate if it’s in public i find a good spot and at home im mostly nude so i pee anywhere
  5. I wish I could use bottles; I would have pissed all over the 711
  6. I remember once I was walking home from school, and I had to pee, so I when next to my neighbor's car and pissed on the wheels. As his wife stepped out and saw me she said, poor sweetheart you really had to go didn't you
  7. Yes I can only pee 12 inches forward standing without the assistance of my hands
  8. So we were getting out of the movie theater, and I had to pee, so as we were walking to my car, I lowered my pants Down and squatted next to my car as my girlfriend was behind me and saw me doing this as I started peeing, my stream went forward and hit the vehicle next to us since I leaned a bit back
  9. I shoot my pee forward like 20 inches without any assistance from my hands
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