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  1. Awesome story! I hope you continue this.
  2. Alright i edited the story so it follows the rules.
  3. I hope you guys like the Continuation. Please let me now!
  4. Naughty Brats Pt.2 A few days have passed since my encounter with Lilly and Emily and I have not yet written to either of them via WhatsApp. But this Saturday I wanted to change that. So I texted both of them simultaneously. Tim: Hey here is Tim 🙂 How are you doing? What are your plans for the weekend? I wasn't quite sure if that wasn't a bit strange of me. After all, both had pretty much ruined my bathroom the last time I saw them. But I just could not resist and had to see them again. To make the wait for an answer more bearable, I sat down on my sofa and turned
  5. I also love this story and this setting. Please write more!
  6. Hello fellow Peefans, stories from guys like 737DK737, Darkguy, steve25805 and Brutus made my want to try writing a story by myself. So here we go! It's my first story and english isn't my native language so keep your expectations low. Feel free to give some feedback. This story contains: female peeing, naughty peeing, public peeing, vandalism, golden shower, nonchalant peeing and overall impertinent behavior Naughty Brats Pt.1 Finally, I was on my way home sitting in the bus. I sat on one of two double seats facing each other on the left side of the bus. Across from
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