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  1. Holy shit that spray! You could water the whole neighborhood's lawns from your porch! I'd be scared to be a tree staring down that piss cannon 😈
  2. Love your tree revenge piss idea! Definitely do something like that!
  3. You mentioned a revenge piss, how about a great really vicious revenge piss? Complete with audio of you bragging about the size and power of your pisser, how much damage you're gonna cause, etc. Doesnt even have to be a "real" revenge piss, can just pick a random plant or something and make up a reason to whip it out and release your yellow wrath!
  4. Interesting, why do you prefer trees or walls? I enjoy wildflowers quite a bit myself, maybe a little because of their pretty and feminine nature 🙂
  5. Heh, "benefited from a nice watering", or got to feel the wrath of a man's penis while you showed it the contempt all standing pissers have for trees? 😈
  6. Love that the title says "pee like real men". Damn right, whipping it out and spraying is the greatest gift of manhood!
  7. I mean, I'd stand next to her, drop my fly and join her!
  8. Hah yeah, I bet Angelina would spread her legs so you could get your stream on her clit! Lol, Tessa's huge tits are an obvious pissing spot!
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