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  1. That's so cool, looks like they gave you a pretty powerful hose there! Glad you could join the ranks of us penis-wielders, make the world your urinal! Have you used it on any trees yet?
  2. I like dirtying somewhere "virgin" and marking my territory, so new places. It's a lot like primal graffiti, an achievement to piss somewhere noone else has before, except instead of a spraycan you're using the (much superior, in my opinion) territory-marker nature gave you 😉
  3. Wow, that stream has some serious pressure!
  4. I like how you know that when aiming a man, it's important to get maximum coverage with his spray, not just use it all in one place~
  5. Hey guys! Unfortunately, I never got to share many of those wonderful male bonding experiences pissing with my dad, he only taught me the bare minimum of the male arts of urinal usage and tree watering, leaving me to perfect my aim and learn to spray for distance myself. Although as a teenager, he did sometimes joke about his hose being much larger than mine (at the time 😉 ). But now that I'm an adult, I would like to reconnect with him in this way by challenging him to a pissing contest. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bring the topic up with him, or any experienc
  6. Great article! Every time one of us unzips and exercises his natural right, it's one more stream in favor of making the world a better place, so whip em out guys!
  7. Compromise, aim for weeds or invasives, and feel proud that your manly pesticide sprayer is helping the ecology!
  8. Nice! Should have set those cans up and knocked them over for some target practice!
  9. Very kind of you! You and your penis should be honored for your generosity!
  10. I like watering trees or plants, especially if it's like a smaller plant and my cruel "watering" kills it, like oops! was just trying to give it a drink, looked thirsty! 😈 Polluting bodies of water like streams or lakes is fun too! As men, pissing on the world is just what we do!
  11. That's great, I was actually thinking something similar! Maybe there should also be some unique skills depending on your equipment, like vagina-users could learn to direct their stream the way some of the skilled ladies on this site do to get their own DEX bonus, and penis-users could maybe learn to gain advantage on intimidation like your demon race by taking a particularly dominant pissing stance or something! Does "combat" (encounters mat be more accurate) work via pissing contests like distance and accuracy, or do the characters pee on their opponents?
  12. This is really interesting, nice work! Are there different bonuses depending on if you're wielding a penis or vagina?
  13. I personally love it when someone takes a look, the communal showing off is one of the great things about urinals! I like to stand back and arc it to give a better show too. Would be even better if everyone just used the wall!
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