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  1. Nothing feels naughtier than letting go of a big fountain of piss all over a bed!
  2. Absolutely LOVED watching that nice long, thick cock piss for such a long time all over your bathroom. That was really great!!
  3. I'll have to try that! I haven't done it before because I like to see the mess I made 😈
  4. Wow, those were some great pics and vids. Nice big morming wood dick and loved watching you empty that bladder! Very nice
  5. Nothing better than drinking all night then emptying my bladder all over my hotel room carpet
  6. @Couple92 sorry i missed your message a few days ago on my last hotel piss pics! I'll pm you
  7. God I love doing this! Love to fill up a hotel room with my piss!
  8. Not pissing in a toilet when you're desperate is the best though... great relief and fun feeling!
  9. That was hot! Loved watching that. You clearly had piss really desperately and showing the close traffic was a nice touch!
  10. Two sounds for me: 1. Sexy hard hissing sound when she really had to go. 2. Piss pooling up on carpet
  11. This is the best idea i think! Hehehe
  12. That's fantastic! Shows that it's ok behavior plus models some methods! I wish I would have masturbated more openly like this for the same reasons. I would talk about it when I got an erection or if my wife felt she was especially turned on and she and I would talk about going to our room to have sex. But, that's less instructive than your method! Good stuff!
  13. We have the exact same philosophy! Did your husband join you? Were you very obvious about what you were doing?
  14. Yes, this is definitely great! My wife and I have been having sex relatively openly (door open or not locked) forever and it has created a healthy view of sex. If asked what we were doing, we never stopped or hid, we just explained and kept going. As a result, now both my son and daughter have sex with their girlfriends/boyfriends in the house in a similarly open way and they ask questions or bring concerns as they arise. This seems so much healthier and safer in our opinion.
  15. Beside the bed, almost against the wall....
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