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    I'm a bi-male who loves hearing about guys and girls naughty pee stories. I also love watching guys and girls pee too! I will pee for anyone who wants to watch

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    Naughty pee, golden showers, watching people pee
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    Peeing in dressing rooms

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  1. Dawww Welcome to this site!! Wow!! What a change!! From New Hampshire to Hawaii!! I do so love New England!! Lots of woods to pee in!! *giggles* Love your profile too!! Always feel free to say HI!
  2. That's so hot!! I would have loved to watch you!
  3. I do that too!! I love peeing in the sink!
  4. Hello and Welcome!! YES, peeing in dressing rooms is fun heehee
  5. *giggles* Precisely the reason why I love using the urinals. At the college I went to, they had unisex bathrooms, and I always loved when a girl would watch me pee!!
  6. I never mind peeing in front of my friends either. Some of them love to watch and other's tis no big deal. I certainly watch them when they pee though!
  7. That is so hot! I bet you have a nice lickable butt tooos!
  8. Oh my such a hot penis!! I would so love to suck on that!!
  9. Looks so very nice and most beautiful!
  10. mmmmm I would so love to be one of your drinkers
  11. That's so very hot!! I usually can't pee when I'm hard!
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