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    bbw virgin who loves showing off myself pissing everywhere :) Message me, i'd love to talk to likeminded people ;)

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    naughty pissing everywhere

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  1. I was talking about how my dad had caught me peeing around the house a few times, and how he's watched me and never said anything. Two other users on here suggested that I try to piss right in front of him casually, because that's always something i've wanted to do. I was nervous but figured he's watched me before, I might as well try. I finally got the courage to do it yesterday morning. I woke up needing to piss really badly, but I was also late for work so I just got up and threw on clothes and went into the kitchen and started making breakfast. My dad was in there making breakfast too and
  2. would you mind messaging me @peecurious94 ?:) it wont let me message you...
  3. The other day my dad and I were driving home and he said he needed to stop at the grocery store. I didn't feel like going in so I told him I was staying in the car. I also had a naughty idea I wanted to try out. We were in my dad's work van which has no seats in the back doors that open at the back, so when my dad went in the store I walked to the back of the van and opened the doors and sat at the edge of the end of the van. I already didn't have panties on and had been holding in my piss for a while so I just spread my legs, lifted my dress up and started spraying like a fountain. I'd never
  4. Love this, I don't pee in front of my dad but he's caught onto me pissing around the house and a few times when he's caught me, he's stopped and watched until I was done and then walked to his room. I wish I could piss freely in front of him like you do with your mom
  5. One of my favorite pissing experiences was a few weeks ago, I like to open my windows and piss in front of them while the gardeners are over in hopes they'll see me. This time, one of them did see me and stopped to watch until I was done and then I started rubbing my pussy while pissing more and he stood there with a bulge in his pants until I came and then walked away. It was the first time someone has stopped and watched so openly. It was so hot I loved it.
  6. Hey 🙂 Was gone for a while but I am back and ready to chat with new people and share my new experiences i've had pissing 🙂
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