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  1. So I have this bathrobe thats old and I've had for years and it has a few cigarette holes in it because my mom hijacked it from me at one point. Well I think I'm going to soak it with pee and then just throw it in a trash bag and toss tomorrow 🙃
  2. Unfortunately both my delivery drivers were female for my orders this evening. I ended up doing the dishes flawlessly was squirming a bit towards the end but ended up taking a shower and peed there. It's raining outside now which is starting to make me think I should have another balcony excursion. I have had now an entire bottle of wine and am starting back up on beers. Below I have my neighbor but idk if they'd notice
  3. That's super hot, it felt so good, but I was super duper nervous I think it helps when I'm drinking a little bit to be a little more adventurous/courageous but I still haven't done anything in daylight yet. I've always wanted to order something tho have it delivered and let out a squirt while I answer the door to receive said goods also not that adventurous but who knows maybe after more alcohol and persuasion 🤣
  4. So it's my day off and I'm 5 beers in and also 3 waters in I've broken the seal earlier because I have a sometimes small bladder. But I haven't gone pee since beer 3, I just got home and am about to change into something comfortable I might let some spurts out into. I also plan on doing my dishes while I do this
  5. I'm drinking and thinking of doing another pee off my balcony again for when I do decide to end up going... opening wine right now, have had 3 beers
  6. Below is some patch of grass and the porch below me but I tried to aim best to shoot it off the deck onto the grass
  7. So I have a few pee stories and experiments I have done. Most recent is while kinda drunk I got the ovaries (ladyballs) to piss off my balcony. I put a leg up onto the railing and aimed my pussy out in-between the openings of the rail and peed off with extreme force. Holy crap. Luckily ita 334am no ne saw..I hope
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