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  1. Hi everyone, my 1st experience with pee was when I was younger, I put a condom on and filled it with pee, the feeling was amazing, I put the condom on while soft, and I noticed that as I finished peeing I started to get hard. I then moved around and pee started to sway the condom from side to side, and after a few minutes, I shot a load of cum into the condom. I felt wonderful. I have recently tried this again, but while in the shower, it’s still an amazing feeling!
  2. Thanks Peetea, sounds very interesting indeed, will definitely pm you, just need to post a bit more!
  3. I enjoy doing that as well, I usually end up shooting a load in to the pee filled condom!
  4. Hi everyone, newby here. I have a weird fantasy, we’re I’m having sex with a girl, (thats not the weird bit! Lol) I’m wearing a condom and as I am read to cum I start to fill the condom with piss while still inside her. Has anyone come across this before?
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