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  1. do you post them anywhere? like on literotica or something?
  2. hello... hope you enjoy it here
  3. hi... welcome... hope you like it here
  4. there's also a scene that will end up about half way through where Samantha (lesbian character) goes out with her friends and the killer follows them home and records her BFF peeing in her driveway.
  5. I did once.... I was using a vibrator on a girl and she started peeing. I asked her "Are you cumming or pissing?" She answered "pissing" I was disappointed to wake up and find I was alone
  6. kind of... I'm writing a book about a serial killer where 1 of the main characters is a lesbian and I'm including a scene where she pees in the shower with her girlfriend. I want to make it more hard-core but I think I'd have trouble selling it if I did
  7. A couple of nonchalant ones... Went clubbing with a girl named Tracey who worked with my BFF Donna... as we're walking back to car (I was sober driver) Tracey who was wearing a dress squats and pisses on the grass between the sidewalk and the car. After work drinks, no bathrooms available so 2 of the girls, Michelle and I forget what her friends name is right now, pissed between the dumpsters and also between parked cars.
  8. I bet lol people make such a huge deal about girls going braless... I swear if I get one more stupid post on my newsfeed about it I'm gonna punch someone lol
  9. don't know... possibly... but then in some countries like Germany watersports is a much more accepted practice... also in Asia its more common for people to just pee wherever... sometimes I feel like the so called western world is a bit behind the times
  10. I think its partly because when we're kids we think of peeing as just a necessity... kind of like everyone farts even girls... and you grow up watching all these wholesome kids shows like Full House and Hannah Montanna and you grow up seeing actors like Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff and Jodie Sweetin etc being all good and wholesome and then when you become an adult and so do they you realize they can't stay child like forever and they enjoy adult stuff as much as anyone else. For me, I'm attracted to confidence in a woman. So the idea of pissing on the floor anywhere appeals to me instant
  11. yeah when I used to live with just my sister. Didn't want to have to find clothes to put on before venturing out to find the bathroom so I just pissed out the window at night. Nowadays I have both a sliding door leading out into my back yard and an ensuite so I either use the sink or just open the door and go outside
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