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  1. please delete my account. There should be an option for members to delete their own account if they want . Even WhatsApp (which I hate with a passion) let's you do that. Or at least for the moderators to do it.
  2. I dont have a bath in my current home. But when I stayed at my aunt and uncles holiday home in my younger years they did have one. And I used to enjoy kind of lifting my lower body out of the water so I could piss in the air and let it fall back down into the water. I love the sound it makes.
  3. agreed.... the topic has come up a few times in conversation with female workmates... reaction is always the same ... ewww gross.... unless alcohol is involved
  4. yeah... just gotta wait for the bf to be out... or in my case... the family to be out which rarely happens now since my sister is on a driving ban. Sigh.
  5. when I was flitting with a female friend from work I used the closet quite a bit. Nowadays I live with family and have an ensuite so the sink is my go to place. However, it's winter here and raining on and off for the last couple nights so I've been going out my sliding door which opens into my back yard. Just gotta make sure my sisters aren't awake before I do it.
  6. not last night but the night before... no video... I've been on a training course for work for the last week with 13 other staff from various parts of the country and have a couple of sexy but unfortunately too young for me girls on it with me. So after being out to dinner with them and making sure young Shelby got back to the hotel safe and sound (I'm a nice guy like that) I figured since nothing would happen with them in real life I could have a nice wank while fantasizing they might just have a piss fetish too 😁
  7. been on a few when I was younger but the only naughty piss I can actually remember is one I took behind the toilet block. And it was kind of out of desperation because the actual toilets were being cleaned at the time.
  8. I dont see that I'll ever lose interest... but if I did I guess I'd just watch porn or something
  9. I feel like I'm a bit late to respond (been away from home for the last week on a training course for work) but off the edge of the bed would be cool
  10. welcome back and I hope treatment goes well
  11. the sea is the safe option but a lot of people also sit with legs drawn up and just kind of slowly release onto the sand. Discrete and not too offensive to anyone
  12. that's a trip I'd love to do... I love Australia
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