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  1. oooh... eating a girl out while she pisses sounds extremely erotic
  2. great.... I'd love to see a girl do that
  3. into swimming pool or hot tub while sitting on edge of it... on a nude beach.... in sauna at the gym.... while sunbathing nude in back yard...
  4. yeah he's probably looking to confirm you're peeing outside.... doubt there is anything to worry about
  5. I'm the same. But her Mom seems to share her fetish so it's all worked out well for her.
  6. hard to choose really.... Elizabeth Olsen coz I love Scarlett Witch... but I also think Kaley Cuoco is just gorgeous so she's my 2nd choice
  7. lol that was nice of your friend
  8. 😂😂😂 yep would be impossible to actually police
  9. I don't think I've ever just pissed openly in the street where CCTV could spot me. I tend to look for dumpsters or trees I can duck behind in public otherwise I restrict outside activities to my own back yard
  10. yeah we have many nude beaches here.... done the nude sunbathing thing in back yard but not in public.... might have to try the beach
  11. nice....did that once too but the shower had a door to it so I was hidden from view... welcome to our little community
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