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  1. This story is inspired by The Purge film series. Instead of murdering people, people have the freedom to piss wherever they want for 12 continuous hours. There is NOTHING REALISTIC about this. If you are looking for realistic piss scenarios, you will NOT find them here. Thanks. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** β€œTHIS IS NOT A TEST. THIS IS YOUR EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM ANNOUNCING THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE ANNUAL PISS PURGE, SANCTIONED BY THE G
  2. I had a pair of black nylon pants once that were my fave coz I could piss in them and no one knew.... I dont have them anymore
  3. it happens... more obvious in men than in women... and for the most part people will accept that a hard on is going to happen.... most men won't sit there and openly jerk off or anything... they will try to think about something else or go for a swim or something... Girls obviously become aroused too from time to time and it is easier for girls to get off in public than it is for guys but they'll mostly do the same thing.
  4. it's mostly about freedom. But also acceptance of the human body with all its flaws. So much importance is placed on looks by people thanks to instagram and tik tok providing unrealistic expectations of what people should look like. You don't get that judgment in the nudist community. It's normal to have a quick glance. Just like it's normal to check out a hot girl or guy who has clothes on lol. Complimenting each other - tbh that's a girl thing. Guys really don't do that. You can gather in any weather but obviously if it's pissing down or snowing it's probably gonna
  5. agreed... people are still relatively discrete about it here in nz.... go in the ocean....go on the sand in front of where they are sitting etc... but it does happen and no one really cares too much
  6. I dont think it's that different or unusual but one of my fantasies is for a girl to piss while I'm giving her a nude massage.... its inspired by a video I saw on porn hub once where a lady does this and then the lady massaging her pisses too.... there's another one out there by Dixie Cornet (I think) where she gives her flatmate a nude massage and the flatmate starts nonchalantly pissing during it. I was an instant fan of Dixie after that lol
  7. I'm single and never had a partner into it... tbh I think if I ever get myself a new gf she's going to have to be into it
  8. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… yep you're a seasonal nudist. But yeah would seem pointless going off to find a bush when you're already naked
  9. welcome... hope you enjoy it here
  10. depending on the laws where you live, making it look accidental is probably good idea
  11. Robert de Niro is a legend 😊
  12. who's your favourite singer? and who's your favorite actor/actress?
  13. great story... thanks for sharing... its my dream to find a girl as open to pissing as you seem to be
  14. gonna have to watch that if I can find it
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