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  1. You might find you read them fast...they're quite addictive, especially books 1, 2, 3 and 5 imo. Book 4 was a little slower mainly because most of my favourite characters weren't in it (Martin split the stories across Books 4 and 5 so he concentrates on different characters in each book). It is kinda nice knowing what happens before all of the tv viewers do (except when they change the storyline!). I mainly worry about coming across spoilers online when each new book comes out as I usually wait until it is released in paperback. lol
  2. I've only recently joined so I hope you don't mind me giving my opinion, but I think this site should be focussing on developing the community aspect. That's not to say the visual media should be neglected but I personally don't see much point in large image galleries or huge video forums when all that's being posted is the same old things you can find on any other site. I'd say the video forum on this site is fine like it is and will naturally grow as more people join. I signed up for two reasons: one because the community looked like it was friendly and had potential for growth; the other
  3. I like metal, traditional folk, soundtracks and 'trailer music', some pop. Much of what I listen to is pretty obscure stuff and I kinda like it that way. lol I dislike rap, country and jazz.
  4. The TV series is great and the books are even better. I'd definitely recommend reading them. I love the grittyness of the world and the depth of the characters compared to a lot of other fantasy writing. I think the cast in the tv series do in most cases come close to how I imagined the characters from having read the books, especially Tyrion Lannister, who has got to be my favourite character from the story (or indeed any story). I kinda sometimes wish they'd tone down the erotic scenes a bit in the tv series. I'm not being prudish but its kinda difficult to concentrate on two characters di
  5. Long hair and pale skin are quite sexy on a girl. I'm also partial to small breasts and a nice bushy patch of pubic hair down below. Even some underarm hair can be a turn on.
  6. I've never paid for porn and don't have any immediate plans to. I prefer homemade content anyway and I find it more enjoyable and arousing if it's been made free of charge than for profit. The thought that a girl got really horny and made a video then posted it online for everyone to see because doing so turned her on is in itself a big turn on for me. I don't blame people for making money from porn, especially on sites like clips4sale - there's plenty of demand for it and I guess the ability to request customised videos is a major advantage. I think if I did pay it would need to be a pretty u
  7. Most of the porn I watch is non-pee, because although watching a girl peeing is a turn on, I find it gets a bit repetitive and a little too 'anti-climatic' for me. I prefer to see a girl masturbating and orgasming. Not many pee videos feature this so I need other kinds of porn. I'm sure I'd survive without it but life would be that bit more frsutrating. lol
  8. Well any kind of pee related activity with a girl would be nice but ideally I'd like to do some of the following: 1. have a girl sit on my lap and wet herself 2 receive a golden shower from a girl 3. watch a girl pee on carpet, a towel or a pillow whilst humping it in front of me 4. sit with a girl in a public park whilst she desperately pees into the grass 5. make some female friends online who are into peeing and have them film some custom pee videos for me (not for money - that's a turn off). Maybe get a girl to make a dirty pee video diary for an entire weekend where she's not al
  9. Yeah there do seem to be a lot more public pee videos than there used to be. Actually I'd say this is true of all kinds of porn. Outside the pee fetish world, there seem to be a heck of a lot of girls on cam sites doing some pretty daring stuff in public places - cafes, libraries, parks, the side of the road etc. I gues to keep things fresh and exciting boundaries have to keep being pushed. I have to admit I do find public shows quite a turn on when there's almost no chance of the girl being caught but I really do cringe when I see a girl wandering around a shoping centre in visibly soaked j
  10. I usualy jack off whilst watching videos. I have in the past done it whilst reading a story but on those rare occassions when I read something erotic I usually go straight to a video afterwards rather thsn trying to jack and read at the same time. Having said that although I may have a video playing I'm usually also fantasising about girls I've known in the past and only half watching. So I guess the video isn't essential to me getting off - I could just rely on fantasy - but it feels pretty weird to me to watch something erotic and not jack at the same time.
  11. Hi wahwoh. When I was much younger and first got into the fetish I used to do something similar with toilet paper. It's definitely a nice feeling although I had to restrain myself from doing it too much back then otherwise my family would have wondered why the toilet rolls were being used up so quickly. lol
  12. Hi everyone I'm a 29 year old guy from the UK. I've just discovered this forum today and after browsing through a couple of threads the atmosphere seemed really friendly and relaxed so I thought I'd sign up and introduce myself. I've been using various pee related communities for many years now so I'm surprised I haven't found this site sooner - still better late than never! Hopefully I can contribute to helping it grow over the next few years.
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