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  1. I was cheered for Wrexham so we can let our Louise loose on London stadium for the final. Peeing on London Stadium is no more than every West Ham fans wants to do to it lol. Not to be. Wrexham must have been worst team to support for the last few weeks. Hope you not in a pit of despair Louise. Reassuring butt slaps to you
  2. Carpets, heck no. I have scrubbed enough dog wee out of carpets to know that there aren't magic cleaning products that leave it the same as it was. If it's somewhere the rain can get to, or there's a drain, I'm okay.
  3. Oh, THAT drain! Unoriginal lol... the whole building is the biggest urinal in town. They leaned into it and installed these metal grates round all the other sides, I guess they thought any pee on this side would flow into that drain anyway? They did some work since this photo was took. There's like an entrance ramp where the low wall was. So it got to be after closing time. But, challenge accepted! Should the photo go here or in men peeing?
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