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    I am adopted from Russia 🇷🇺 I am easy going and definitely one of a kind. Get to know me and you won't regret it 😏

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    The intimacy level required to to be involved in such a 'private' moment. Also pee drinking or just a golden shower
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  1. Hey yall, glad I found this place, can't tell ya how weird I felt over this kink for the longest time lmao. It's great to finally find a community where it's cool to talk, exchange ideas, pictures, videos, and get positive feedback. Also it's nice there are actually a good number of women here so when a male asks a question directed towards a female there's a good chance an actual woman will respond 😅 Anyway hit me up ppl my dm's are open to all. Id love to chat, listen, or exchange whatever 😏
  2. Welcome Zoe🤗 , you have finally made it to a place where we can explore and express one of the less understood kinks without judgment. Hit me up sometime I'm always down to chat or exchange ideas 😝
  3. Honestly I like the pov from the toilet. Watching as the girl pulls her pants or shorts or skirt down or whatever, removing her underwear if wearing any then lowering herself to the toilet( I'm imagining it's my face/mouth) then I'm good with either spreading the lips to see the piss hole ( I do love that) or just Watching the pee unleash into the camera/ my mouth 🤣
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