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  1. wow this thread is so long what happens here I wonder
  2. But it's just a picture of a wet car seat...? I don't see any reason to ask permission to post that... I guess maybe unless there's some kind of personal information visible in the photo somehow?
  3. Hi David. Seems like there are so many people from the UK here. I wonder why?
  4. Any time I'm in a pool or body of water I'll definitely pee whenever I need to. I'll just do it discreetly which isn't hard I mean you're submerged in water and if you're in a hot tub there's bubbles and stuff so of course you can do that without anyone noticing. If drinks are flowing your pee also gonna be clear and clean and indistinguishable from the water so definitely nobody will notice that. And as for the idea that people would pay attention to how often you get up to pee and therefore eventually be able to figure out that you're peeing in the hot tub first of all I doubt this thought w
  5. Yeah have you considered just giving up this marriage, I guess that's a reasonable question to ask as well
  6. The reason I keep bringing up prostitution is that most people overlook it or don't take it seriously as an actual realistic possibly good if not solution then at least band aid or method for relieving pressure in situations like this. If you have a lot of moral qualms about it then it's maybe not a good option but if you just bracket out all that then the fact that it's automatically and always entirely transactional and usually mostly devoid of emotions other than maybe some transient emotions you might feel in the heat of the moment and the risk of it turning into a whole complicated situat
  7. Money makes everything easier
  8. Don't follow your logic at the end. How does payment connect to marriage?
  9. You could probably put that sentence under most posts on this forum
  10. Ohhh wow yeah that's a really nice idea
  11. Welcome @Como! I'm new here too, basically exact same story as you actually 🙂 See my post here for an example of how this can be misinterpreted if you're as careless as I was in how I expressed myself, lol: Do you do a lot of pee play with your girl? Do you go with her to the bathroom or does she ask you for permission to go pee or anything like that? I'd love to hear a little bit about your relationship in general and what you do with peeing in particular!
  12. Wow yes peeing while sitting on my lap is perfect, thank you!! I actually made her do this a little bit once already briefly but I definitely want to explore this a lot more. It will be so nice to do it when we are both fully clothed and it will be really exciting to suddenly tell her to pee when she's in my lap and doesn't expect it. Swings is also a really interesting idea, that could get so unpredictable and messy, haha. Yeah, I really want to do this now. I actually haven't been with her to a playground yet, I should really take her to one, maybe there's other ideas to be found there
  13. To be completely honest I have to say that ever since I got into a serious sexual and emotional relationship with this girl I've pretty much lost touch with how it sounds to other people when I say stuff like that or even when I describe her at all. This entire aesthetic or character of her as a little girl has become so normalized so quickly for me and of course there's nothing wrong with that per se and she's a very complex very interesting very intelligent very amazing person who is by all means an adult both legally biologically intellectually emotionally and otherwise. But she is a little
  14. Sorry about that, it's just the way we both talk about her and the way she is both in the context of our relationship and even outside of that, and I wanted to highlight this aspect because it's kind of relevant to paint a picture of how we are like together. But she's an adult, sorry I should have made that clear.
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