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  1. Had anyone else been watching the ews. Next stop is in sugarloaf Maine. Gonna be a good race with Richie rude and jack moir battling it out. on a related note is anyone here into mountain biking
  2. Hey I know that feeling. I support Southampton and we didn’t fair to well today either
  3. Very beautiful indeed. Thank you
  4. Anyone know who this is
  5. He y’all. I was wondering if the football fans on the forum would care to share which team they support.
  6. Like what the title says. Have any males ever used the female toilet. If you have please feel free to share. This sparked my interest after I walked into the lady’s room a few days ago and saw a man walk out of one of the stalls.
  7. College is good. We play in small d3 tournaments. I also play in a Sunday league team.
  8. I absolutely love sports and where I live happens to be great for it. I freestyle ski and have competed for the past 5 years. I also mountain bike and play soccer for college.
  9. I haven’t peed on a car but I have squatted in between two cars in a car park. Maybe my pee stream hit the tire but other than that no pee on the car. If I could get away with it I would happily pee on someone’s car.
  10. Maybe it’s half and half. I’ve melted plenty of snow out of desperation.
  11. My mom was we’re my pee fetish started. When she was younger she would pee in many naughty places. When I turned 7 my mom started to pee openly around the house and the backyard. She told me I could do the same. I started to and that’s why we have that agreement.
  12. Me and my mom have a similar agreement inside and outside. She pees at my house and I pee at hers. Me and my gf also have a similar agreement.
  13. I don’t know the exact amount but I know that if to much urine is consumed it is not good for you. Only because of the toxins that are removed from the body.
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