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  1. I don’t think you quite understood my answer. I’m not saying everyone wanks after every pee I could of elaborated some more I guess. I’m saying that in those naughty pee circumstances I don’t masturbate when others do
  2. Not usually Strange I know. I guess it didn’t make me feel like others do.
  3. I’m aware there are these thread’s. Thought I would reply to a new post I was interested in. I know where the search bar is and use it often. I’m not new here and understand you are doing your job.
  4. I pee in my car all the time. It doesn’t bother me at all. I will clean it when I have people riding unit that aren’t into pee. Don’t pee in others car unless they want me to.
  5. Well welcome to the site. Any video should be put in the video section.
  6. I think if its a link to a video or picture it belongs in one of those categories
  7. I just want to clarify this due to recent events on the site. I Am not in any way condoning illegal activity. Anything on this thread should be legal, consensual and not harming in anyway.
  8. I never pee anywhere where it could cause harm to anyone else. I would never pee on someone’s things. Out of revenge. If someone dose not like pee the same way I do I will not try to force it on them.
  9. Very interesting. I’m glad to hear your opinion on this. I have also done a pee through the cushions of the coach at a friends house. To my knowledge they never knew.
  10. I am fairly new here and im trying to get to know everyone. I was wondering weather people would pee on someone’s belongings ie shoes,purse,cup or anything else. There is no judgment here and weather you say yes or no nobody should judge. If you feel like it you are also welcome to share if you have.
  11. I second this. I don’t think it’s really anyones business other then her owns. She obviously was not in danger because she came out. Weather she was in there doing her business or just sitting down texting we should criticize all women for doing this.
  12. I definitely don’t get turned on by it. I just pee out of convenience. I makes me feel powerful I suppose. I think I just feel the same as I would peeing in a toilet.
  13. I mean you can cause damage if you want but you have to be ready to pay more then you first did for damage.
  14. I have seen some things recently on pee drinking so I was wondering we’re everyone stands on it. There is no judgment here weather you like it or not.
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